Bubble lamp with fish – fantastic look for any home

This gorgeous bubble lamp with fish is great for anyone! Never has a lamp been more perfect for any situation! Children, adults, teenagers, even elderly people! You can use this lamp anywhere, and this really means anywhere, in your home. Maybe a bedroom, your living room, or even the dining room. These bubble lamps
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Neon lamps – 16 benefits above standart lights

Neon lamps contains neon gas at a low pressure and is filled in a glass capsule. Neon lamps were developed in 1917 by Daniel Moore. Neon lamps, mainly produce distinctive orange color, however other colors can be obtained using different phosphors coat on the glass capsule. Colors other than orange can be obtained from
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Lava lamp table – 16 creative ways of beautifying your room

Lava lamps table are a creative way of beautifying your room, which will send your guests asking you questions when they come to visit. One thing that is so fascinating about them is their multiple colors that illuminate your room. That, coupled with the enthralling motion of the lava fluid is a charm for
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