Mini ceiling fans – 10 ways to cool your small room

#1 Monte Carlo Fauxwood Fan

This tiny little fellow will look rather attractive on any ceiling. It doesn’t occupy too much space with only 20 inches blade diameter. It will be a salvation for some small space. The item contains three speed modes and the user can control this piece of equipment via simple remote control. The blades and overall design would suit some classical or naturalistic design.

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#2 Snow-White Mini Fan

This white beauty would become a splendid asset to the room performed in some Scandinavian style, where white is a dominating color. Regardless of the light, this fan can cool down even the hottest premise and grant fresh air to the stuffiest rooms. Thanks to three modes you can select the most suitable speed to quench your thirst for fresh air in the most acceptable way.

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#3 Metal 20-inches Fan

This fan is not only for small rooms, it will do a good job in the rooms of bigger than average sizes. The effectiveness of such a little fan can be explained by a powerful engine that provides the most powerful rotation speed at minimum efforts. A special incline of the blades that equals 12 degrees offers the best air flow that feels natural and cools down the surrounded territory faster.

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#4 Coast Mini Breeze Fan

This fan is slightly bigger than previously described models. The width of the blades is 26 inches and the powerful engine permits this machine to work as effectively as standard 42 inches models which are so popular among the users. It can be upgraded with a lamp kit so there will be two devices in one – a lamp and fan. Regarding the overall view of the item, it will look nice virtually in any room thanks to its metal look that matches both modern and classic interior.

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#5 Minimalistic Fan

The fan of this construction is rather minimalistic and it is mounted close to the ceilings, making it a perfect choice for rooms with a low ceiling. Although it seems a little bit fragile, it appears quite a powerful air blowing tool that will increase the quantity of cool fresh air momentarily. A pleasant surprise in this model was a built in illumination that can work simultaneously with the fan.

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#6 Mighty Tiny

“Small, but powerful” – perhaps this phrase was told specifically about this fan. It shouldn’t be underestimated because of its size. In fact, it is a really potent wind blower that cools down the air really quickly. The reversible motor of the item provides a long time of work without being overheated. The retro style of the item makes it good for some old premises or classically furnished rooms.

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#7 Beautiful Chromed Fan

The fan of this style will look great in any modern style interior. With such a model the owner will understand that fans can be not only the means of climate control in the room, but also stylish elements of décor. The main peculiarity of this model is not only its look, but a humidity protection that makes it possible to install this item in the patios or the places with high level of dampness.

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#8 Metal and Wood Unity

The fan of this type is a stylish combination of wood and metal. This universal fan with patented construction will serve for many years granting the freshness of the air in the dwelling. The metal body is durable enough to withstand long periods of exploitation. The remote can be used for the fan, but first it should be separately purchased and installed.

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#9 Embrace Light and Air

This fan belongs to a popular series of Embrace fan collection. This in-premise model works great in the rooms of various sizes. The universal design makes this item applicable with most popular designer solutions. The maximal rotation is 180 rounds per minute that quite enough to bring fresh air in the meantime. The lamp is one of the pleasant peculiarities of the model. It grants approximately 1200 lumen of light.

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#10 Reserved Style

People got used to thinking that big fans are better cool air givers than their small brothers. This little fan can break all the stereotypes as it is really powerful, while maintaining small size. This model is known for a powerful engine that can grant an extremely high speed together with fresh air in the shortest possible time. Overall design of the little cutie makes it suitable for interiors of various designs.

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