TOP 10 Brass pharmacy lamps for classical and vintage interiors

#1 Full Brass Stem Lamp

This lamp is a perfect choice for classical and vintage interiors. It looks like an item with a long and rich history and it is ready to tell the owner the story about its life. The whole body is made of decent brass that is well protected from tarnishing. The weight of the lamp is somewhat heavy, but it was made on purpose by designers to increase the stability of the item.

#2 Tripod Pharmacy Lamp

This stylish lamp is a fashionable accessory that stands firmly on all three legs. You can adjust the flow of light the way you like with the help of movable head. The maximum power of the lamp is 75 W that is quite enough to see everything around. It is suitable for dwellings performed in various styles such as modern classical, loft etc.

#3 Brass Classical Lamp

For those who cherish classical design this lamp will be an excellent option. It will be suitable for somebody’s personal library or cabinet. This pharmacy lamp is made of fine brass and shines brightly with almost golden radiance. You can use it as a standard light, support light for reading or getting involved with your hobbies.

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#4 Just Sit and Relax

This lamp is screaming: “Sit down and read!” It is ready to grant you light for receiving more knowledge. The combination of shape and materials used for the creation of this item makes it suitable for almost any interior style. It is firm and elegant at the same time and the curves add some air of luxury to this fashionable source of light.

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#5 Two Lights in One

If you are tired of standard shaped pharmacy lamps, this article will show you an unusual option – a combination of a standard lamp and a reading one in a single unity. The upper part grants a large amount of light for a whole room and a smaller adjustable unit is on the lower level for comfortable reading. Slim shapes finalize the general positive impression of this lamp.

brass pharmacy lamp photo - 3

#6 Vintage Brass Lamp

For all people who are really into vintage and retro styles this lamp would be a perfect gift. The lamp is performed in a noble brass color and is eager to grant light for reading, knitting, drawing and other creative stuff. It grants enough light for a wide spectrum of craftsmanship. The lamp is flexible enough to give the amount of light that would be perfect for any kind of activity.

brass pharmacy lamp photo - 4

#7 Detective Style Lamp

This lamp sends us greetings from old noir times which we can see while watching some films about battles between Mafiosi and police officers. You might have seen a similar lamp in the cabinet of the Godfather is the Oscar winning movie. You can place it on your writing desk or somewhere else in the cabinet and it will add some peculiar charm to your design.

brass pharmacy lamp photo - 5

#8 Tall Handsome Gentleman

This guy is like a strict English gentleman who came from some old story. The body of this lamp is cast from pure brass and it will surely find some place near your favorite sofa or an armchair. It has got minimal adjustments, but the construction is firm enough to provide you with light for many years. It is compatible with all standard lamps and provides an excellent area of illumination comparing with other representatives of the class.

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#9 Antiqued Brass Lamp

This honorable fellow is performed in pure brass and it was antiqued on purpose to remind of old times. The item will definitely find its place in the cabinet of some creative person whose soul desires something unusual. It uses the lamp of 60W and is easily adjusted after unpacking. Mind the fact that one should clean it without using abrasive fluids as they can leave permanent stains on the pure metal of the lamp.

brass pharmacy lamp photo - 8

#10 Perfect Solution for Reading

Reading of the book in a bed or an armchair is like some sort of a mystical experience. You dive into the world of images and experience the life in the new universe. It would be comfortable to read with such a lamp. It can be mounted on the wall and due to its flexibility one can adjust the lamp in the most suitable manner to receive maximum pleasure from reading.


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