25 Vintage Industrial Floor Lamps. Benefits of Using

The Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps are not only piece of rock. They are used much frequently these days after their proven health benefits. Moreover; it has a soothing light color along with the stylish lamp look that one would place in his/her room without any problem.

Due to the industrial floor lamp vintage, people are using these salt lamps assembled in the stand like industrial floor lamps.

Reduction of Positive Ions

In this swift pacing world we all got surrounded by many electronic devices like TV, laptop, mobile phones etc. These machines emit tremendous amount of electro-magnetic radiations. According to the experts our body absorbs the positive ions from these emissions.

The Himalayan Lamps help human bodies to absorb negative ions from them which create a balance between positive and negative ions.

Source of Purification

Vintage industrial floor lamps can absorb the contaminants from the atmosphere like dust, smoke, smog, etc. The salt crystal helps trapping the dirt inside its own structure.

Moreover; it also has the ability to suck the water content from the air.

No Breathing Problems

Vintage industrial floor lamp increase the activity of cilia. These are the very small hairs inside the wind pipe which can help filter out the pollution that going inside along with the oxygen you breathe.

Quality Sleeping

There are many reasons why Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps help in good quality sleep. As we have discussed earlier that it can reduce the negative ions entering the human body therefore it would help in good blood circulation hence quality sleep is attained.

Moreover; it has a soothing light color which also becomes reason for a better sleep.

Performance Booster

The recent study about this lamp claims that it helps in performance boosting as it reduce stress levels. The experiment shows that those people who are more exposed to negative ions have better performance and happy moods.

#1 Any Angle is Possible

This is a stylish, trendy and fashionable floor lamp. It is a great step in high quality spot lighting. This lamp has got a long mechanical leg. It is possible to manipulate it in five joints which are easy to turn. Dark dim frame of the item adds it gravity and importance in your interior. Such a light is an irreplaceable attribute at your work or rest place.


#2 A Satellite Style Lamp

This torchier is performed in studio lighting style. The design of the lamp is very creative and ergonomic. Bending the dome lamp you can effectively illuminate the place you need. Inside the dome is completed in white color that allows reflecting more light. The skeleton is represented in dark color with a dim covering. Such a lamp is a wonderful decoration for any modern interior.


#3 A Projector in a House

Floor lamp with a three leg base is a stylish designer decision of illuminating the living room, bedroom or cabinet. Dark matted tripod tellingly completes the body frame that has a fake-gold-look with a grating. There is a possibility to regulate the level of light in the room. Wooden legs of the tripod accentuate an excellent loft style.


#4 Real Old School

Steampunk floor lamp is a perfect solution for the premises decorated in technological styles. This item is characterized with the simplicity of its forms. However, the functionality is at a very high level as well. One can regulate the lamp in two spots which are an amazing decoration by themselves as they are performed as valves. Edison lamp intensifies the peculiar charm of this item.

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#5 Industrial Lamp with Vietnamese roots

The unique design of this modern torchier is inspired by the form of Vietnamese headwear which protects from bright sun. Here this splendid element performs rather decorative than practical function. Although with the help of twisting detail you can change the level of lighting the way you want. The lamp will gracefully fit any modern interior granting bright light enjoyable by you and your guests.


#6 Table Top Industrial Lamp

This Pixar floor lamp is one of the best representatives of loft industry style. The item consists of height regulated skeleton and elegant dimmer. The lamp is stable enough and functional by means of adjusting it at different angles. It will be a very practical and cool acquisition for both home and office due to its universal style.

#7 White Lamp for Scandinavian Style

This is a sophisticated masterpiece of apartment modern. It stands on a thin flexible leg made of polished aluminum, crowned with a compact lampshade radiating a soft flow of light. It will fill your home with a special homish joy creating the feeling of long-awaited evening comfort. This way your dwelling, blanketed by gentle beams of the lamp, will become the best place for rest.

#8 A Lamp with a Regulatory Mechanism

This floor lamp is magnificent solution to emphasize your delicate taste. The torchier will perfectly fit the loft interior becoming one of its brightest elements. The dome made of glass is fixed with a rope and lifting mechanism. Thanks to this special technology the lamp will illuminate the object with the brightness you need as you may regulate the height on which the dome is kept.

#9 Globe Shaped Industrial Lamp

The lamp of this type will emphasize delicate taste and add originality and metal laconism to your home or office. The strict lines of metal details will make your office reserved and serious, while home will be in the balance between style and comfort. Be sure this lamp will surprise anyone with its look.

#10 Simple yet Functional

This floor lamp may change its size and obtain various positions due to its flexible mechanic leg. The body of the lamp is performed in high quality metal that makes it durable and reliable. This model is very ergonomic and comfortable to use. It’s an irreplaceable item in the interiors of those people who like simple but effective ideas.

#11 Industrial Lamp with a Bronze Shade

This lighting unit of a simple asymmetrical design is a masterpiece of minimalistic style. Thin but stable leg is topped with a round and smooth bronze dimmer radiating very soft and optimally bright rays. With this lamp your home will become warm and will be filled with the harmony of a real alive and attractive light.

#12 Unusual Construction for a Dwelling

Certainly, this lamp with a lifting mechanism will not match any type of interior. However, those places, which it will fit, will be filled with unlimited positive emotions. It has a stable base, pipe like skeleton and glass dome fixed with the help of a rope and lifting mechanism. Thanks to its extravagant design this lamp will turn any place into something really awesome.

#13 Three Legged Beast

Here is one more outstanding representative of the loft lamp family. The model has a tripod and big round dome covered with a grate. This lamp with deliberately rough construction attracts one’s attention at once. Such light source will surely become a true salt of any interior. Crude metal, bright light – all this is unhacked and nonstandard.

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#14 Elaborately Forged Lamp

This is a torchier with a unique design. Its base consists of three skillfully forged legs and its dome radiates the light directed downwards. One can regulate the angle of falling the shadows to optimize the spreading of light. The dimmer is colored with white inside to grant soft comfortable light. The entire lamp is white, although this white looks rather antique.

#15 A Show Lamp

It’s a small modern designer torchier performed in loft style. Its media design is domesticated and will look excellent in ordinary home atmosphere. Due to flexible dome lamp it may change the angle of lighting. Three wooden legs sharp at the ends make it similar to compasses. The item will be really glamorous in the home interior.

vintage industrial floor lamp photo - 1

#16 A Serious Beam of Light

This floor lamp is another variation on film accessory topic, although it is dressed in reserved black, elegant white and luxurious chrome. The frame of the studio light boards may turn around the axis giving the owner the ability to operate it like producer operates the light beam. Light stand is like a real professional tripod: you can adjust the necessary height, choose correct incline and precise angle to create an ideal lighting.

vintage industrial floor lamp photo - 2

#17 Rustic Lamp on Three Legs

This item looks like it came back from 6os. It has a long thin skeleton that stands on three thin legs. This makes the lamp look really light. Silver metallic looks very fashionable and will match most of interiors being one of the brightest elements. The dimmer is colored with white to give more light. The head can be regulated to illuminate the needed area.

vintage industrial floor lamp photo - 3

#18 A Perfect Solution for Loft Style

It’s a very elegant, but at the same time simple floor lamp on a thin carcass colored with gentle beige. The base is performed in bronze with sophisticated geometrical pattern. The bright torchier will become a natural décor of the interior in minimalistic style. Regulation of the leg allows changing the construction of the lamp. It grants the item with such an important flexibility.

vintage industrial floor lamp photo - 4

#19 A Cylindrical Lamp with a Dimmer

This compact and original lamp is an ideal choice for all connoisseurs of sophistication and exclusiveness of every detail of the interior. Flexible metallic fixture that can be height regulated has a simple and universal form that gives the possibility to add this lamp to practically any modern interior, including loft interior. Once you obtain this item, you won’t regret.

vintage industrial floor lamp photo - 5

#20 Hanging on a Porch

A splendid, performed in metal, lamp the core décor of which plays the role of the scales: the location of the dome lamp balances the weight so it is positioned parallel. The torchier is remarkable by its massiveness that is why it looks stylish and unusual. This item will serve as a peculiar interior element practically in any place.

vintage industrial floor lamp photo - 6

#21 Near the Armchair

This compact lovely lighting instrument on a stable base – that’s what is needed both for home and comfortable leisure time. Reserved look, the classics of dark color and perfect quality of the light of optimal brightness – all these elements make the lamp splendid. With a new element of décor your interior will be aesthetically complete and the comfort will be absolute.

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vintage industrial floor lamp photo - 7

#22 Made of Pipes

Original metallic floor lamp has a nonstandard, though elegant look. The composition of the lamp harmonically combined some romanticism, deliberate primitivity, delicacy, sharpness, massiveness and at the same time sophistication. Such a lamp will help to accentuate the details of the interior in the correct way making it really unforgettable.

vintage industrial floor lamp photo - 8

#23 Hello from Retro Future

It’s a modern floor lamp. It is performed in a trendy minimalistic design. Simple, light and unique design of the item helps it to match any element of your interior. Metallic irregular geometrical head of the lamp emphasizes the pillar like leg. Laconism, style and simplicity of this lamp will make your interior even more sophisticated.

vintage industrial floor lamp photo - 9

#24 Regulated Metal Industrial Lamp

This simple although very beautiful floor lamp is performed in loft style. It is especially up-to-date nowadays due to modern tendencies in the interior design. It has metallic color; the dome lamp is presented by a semi sphere with a source of light placed into it. This lamp is characterized with compact size and peculiar charm which it will bring to any premise.

vintage industrial floor lamp photo - 10

#25 Many Options to Choose from

Loft style torchiers resemble those which are used on the plants and factories. They don’t have excessive decoration, performed of highly durable materials, with the construction that is created for comfortable exploitation. These lamps perfectly complete this style oriented on functionality of each element. Such lamps will be good for both home and office usage.

Vintage industrial floor lamps can add a unique touch to any room or space, and offer a number of benefits, including:

  1. Unique and stylish design: Vintage industrial floor lamps are designed to look distinct and eye-catching, with many featuring intricate details, such as exposed bulbs, metal accents, and adjustable arms.
  2. Versatility: These lamps can work well in a variety of settings, including living rooms, bedrooms, home offices, and even commercial spaces like restaurants and coffee shops.
  3. High-quality construction: Vintage industrial floor lamps are often made with high-quality materials, such as metal, brass, and cast iron, which ensures their durability and longevity.
  4. Adjustable lighting: Many vintage industrial floor lamps come with adjustable arms or shades, which allow you to direct the light exactly where you need it, making them perfect for reading or working.
  5. Energy efficiency: Vintage industrial floor lamps often feature LED bulbs or other energy-efficient lighting options, which can help reduce energy costs and minimize environmental impact.
  6. Historical and nostalgic appeal: These lamps often evoke a sense of nostalgia for a bygone era, and can add a touch of history and character to any space.
  7. Easy to find and customize: Vintage industrial floor lamps are widely available online and in antique shops, and can often be customized with different shades or bulbs to fit your specific needs.
  8. Complements a variety of decor styles: These lamps can work well with a variety of decor styles, from traditional to modern, and can be used to create a unique focal point in any room.
  9. Provides ambient lighting: Vintage industrial floor lamps can offer soft and subtle lighting that creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, making them perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, and other spaces where you want to create a cozy vibe.
  10. Can increase the value of your home: If you have a vintage industrial floor lamp in your home, it can add to the overall value of your property, especially if it is a rare or collectible piece.

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