Steampunk ceiling fan – add a neo-Victorian twist to your house

Perhaps you are tired of Air Conditioning and/or you want to make a statement with a unique home decoration style? Steampunk ceiling fans may be what you need.

What is steampunk?

The steampunk style began as a sci-fi literature subgenre. Think of the works of authors such as Jules Verne and Mary Shelley and you will get an idea. In order to picture the style better, imagine Victorian-era decorative features combined with a futuristic style.

A steampunk ceiling fan for your house

You may be set on recreating Captain Nemo’s submarine’s, the Nautilus, look in your house or you want a unique steampunk style addition to your living space. Steampunk ceiling fans are available in many designs and materials and some are remote controlled.

You may opt for an elegant, more subtle, fan design that will not compromise you room’s decoration or you may go for bulkier copper fans, sporting lamps remniscent of Victorian era London lamp posts.

Closing thoughts

Whatever choice you opt for I encourage you to have a look at the dozens of the available steampunk ceiling fans for your home. Chances are you will find one that suits you best.

#1 Turbo Twins

Comfort may be beautigul if to use such a nice Minka Air Fan. A pair of fans are hidden inside the bronze cages which are connected to the lamp with a help of fancy forge elements. Fan heads are adjustable so it is possible to bring cool fresh air wherever you need. Besides, there are three speed modes. The lamp gives warm dimmed light that won’t be enough for reading, but will be perfect for relaxing.

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steampunk ceiling fan photo - 1

#2 Retro Chic

Just take a look at this awesome fan and you will definitely start admiring with it. The massive shape of this retro fan is emphasized with an elegant engraving on the surface from which it would be hard to avert one’s eyes. The natural wooden color makes it possible to combine the fan with various representatives of classical styled furniture. Fortunately, it is not operated by steam – a standard electrical wire would be enough to bring it to life.

steampunk ceiling fan photo - 2

#3 Walnut Colored Gyro Fan

This Belcaro fan is something that would find a good place in a large room with extra high ceilings. The model is performed in a traditional style with the increased efficiency by means of double fan technology that allows the air to circulate faster and eliminate the heat extremely productively. The traditional interiors will benefit greatly from this awesome looking steampunk fan as it will be a splendid focal point in the center of the room.

steampunk ceiling fan photo - 4

#4 Antique Metal Bronze Fan

Regardless of the simplicity in design this fan can boast with a powerful motor that is hidden within a metal shell. The model will be a good matching solution for interiors designed in modern or loft style as both are characterized with either minimalism or primitivism in the look of elements. The wire cage carries a special air of a steam punk style that has recently become rather popular.

steampunk ceiling fan photo - 6

#5 Industrial Open Mechanism Style

There is always some unexplainable romanticism in the steampunk style. The sound of steam and the movement of gears – they attract glance and it becomes hard to avert one’s look. It’s like some sort of hypnosis. Those people who are passionate about steampunk style or antique designed machinery will be crazy about this fan with an open mechanism. The viewer will be able to see how the all process of movement happens.

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steampunk ceiling fan photo - 7

#6 The Luxurious Victorian Style

This unusual fan seems to have left the history books pages from the Victorian period chapter. Steam punk is most often associated with this period and that is probably due to the steam machines that were actively in use at that time. This fan is not just a cool looking element of the interior – it is a multispeed and angle adjustable piece of comforting equipment that will perform its work at the most decent level.

steampunk ceiling fan photo - 8

#7 In the Room of a Submarine

You can easily imagine this fan in the cabin of some underwater vessel. Let’s imagine Captain Nemo on board of his Nautilus. He is sitting in the half dark consulting with some maps. This fan above him is blowing almost without any sound and only the writing of the pencil can be heard in the silence. Suddenly the light of this lamp fan tear through the darkness and the first mate runs into the cabin without a knock. Kraken is coming!

steampunk ceiling fan photo - 9

#8 Pendulum Controlled Fan

The fan’s called Brisa and it resembles some sort of a satellite that is moving around its mother planet. The counterweight provides an effective angle of blowing as the rotation goes not only by blades but through the movement of the fan on a separate axis. The option of polished bronze is specifically attractive due to its modernistic look that will attract all people who prefer extravagant and non-standard elements of the premise design.


#9 Dungeon Undergoing Style

Such a fan can be found in a creepy dungeon. The apocalypse has caused irreversible changes on the surface of the planet and humanity had to move underground in order to survive. This industrial fan with a shaded lamp will be the thing that allows the air to circulate in the underground cities. At present industrial fans are important elements of a popular loft style.

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#10 Noir Metal Style

This retro futuristic style fan is something that will be matching a real steampunk taste. The cold metal of the body and transparent blades make the elegant composition ultra-attractive. It will match the contemporary style pretty well and add some noire fleur about it. With every movement of the blade you will experience the groovy power of this item.



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