Harbor breeze double ceiling fan – 13 efficiencies in terms of performance and effectiveness

Ceiling fans are quite an essential especially during the summer when temperatures are super high. It is thus safe to say that one can not do without them. The harbor breeze double ceiling fan is your ideal ventilator seeing that it is not just one but two fans! This means more efficiency in terms of performance and effectiveness.

Ease of installation

This breeze harbor double fan does not require a specialist or a trained personnel to fix it to the ceiling. It is designed in such a way that anyone in arm’s reach of the ceiling is able to easily install it. There is a distance of about 12 inches between the ceiling and the fan blades. A 24 inch sizable down- rod is availed to make this distance standard. This allows ample space for it to spin continuously without hindrances.

Quality airflow

The harbor breeze double ceiling fan allows for maximum aeration of the room in which it is installed. It is a very effective fan in that it allows the breeze to spread evenly in a relatively large area. The two fans run simultaneously on both sides of the center post to allow this.

The fans can be adjusted through tilting to get the position of your liking. One is able to customize the settings to fit their personal preferences as well. Also, a remote control device is availed for you to be able to operate the fans easily. In case your package does not come with a remote control, use any universal remote. It should work perfectly.

Optional lighting

The fan also doubles up as ceiling light therefore saving you the extra cost of buying a separate lamp to light up your house. An optional cap is available for those people who do not want to use the fan’s light kit. This fan is also a great fit for people who have used recessed lighting in their dinning or living room areas.

Get your harbor breeze double ceiling fan today, you will not regret it.

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#1 Bronze Outdoor Beauty

This fan was crafted specifically for outdoor use. Try to remember the hottest day in your life and look at this modest fan. Regardless of the simple look it would have been able to bring the fresh air to your lungs with a single click of the remote control. The bronze finish of the fan generates a noble air around this model and you won’t be able to resist loving the cold that it will present you.

harbor breeze double ceiling fan photo - 5

#2 Shining Metal Belcarra

Now we can see something really shiny. Such a level of gloss is achieved via special nickel plating that adds some extra durability to the item. The two heads with triple blades are independently adjustable and appear to be a great option for open spaces on the patio. You can install the switch on the wall and turn it whenever you need some cool air. It will be a nice option for transition between various interior styles due to reflective capabilities of the metal.

harbor breeze double ceiling fan photo - 6

#3 Wooden Natural Style

The casual style of Harbor Breeze is something that is greatly appreciated by various kinds of people. The manufacturer managed to revive the former glory of the fans and make them an element of a contemporary interior. The functioning level is kept high so that owners could enjoy the results of modern technology achievements with an amazing retro style look.

harbor breeze double ceiling fan photo - 7

#4 Lily Lamp Fan

The ceiling fans are designed to represent a chic style of the interior. Take a look at this model to understand what is meant by these words. The whole body of the fan is styled to resemble an expensive red wood. The option looks like some Victorian chandelier especially with such attractive tulip lamps which are similar with lilies that used to be the symbol of royalty.


harbor breeze double ceiling fan photo - 8

#5 Wooden Style with Bronze Finish

Here we have an attractive dual head ceiling fan with extra pretty 40W lamp under white shade that dissipates the light in a pretty effective manner. It was designed for both indoor and outdoor usage. The heads have got the same distance from the center and that allows covering a 360 degree area of blowing. That is not only a practical fan but a cool looking designer element of the house or a flat.

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harbor breeze double ceiling fan photo - 10

#6 360 Degree Twisting Fan

Twin fan harbor breeze representative resembles an amazing flower that will blow away all the heat from the room where it is installed. The variety of 3 speeds will offer enough opportunities for a greater comfort. 4450 cubic feet of air per minute will be enough for placing in huge rooms which require constant ventilation. The light kit beneath the warm frosted glass is an excellent source of illumination that is pleasant for eyes.


#7 The Propeller of the Plane

This double metal designed fan was created for low ceiling with extra close installation possibility. It resembles the propellers of some old fashioned war plane but it can cope up with the task of cooling pretty well. It can be equipped with a remote control so that one could turn it on or off together with a bright led lamp that is hidden beneath the fumed glass.


#8 Gyro Mate Silver Fan

For those people who wish to find a nice outdoor fan of a decent quality this gyro ceiling fan will be a nice option. It has got a wide variety of modifications that are already preinstalled and can be used as the owner desires. The model can be used with light or place a cap for the usage without light. The model is wet rated meaning that it is full water protected for outdoor use only.


#9 Reserved Elegance in Dark Grey

It is really hard to find a more reputable fan manufacturer of fans than Harbor Breeze. It provides the fans of exclusive quality and design. The five blades of this ceiling fan provide a wide coverage of the territory with powerful blowing potential and superior design. If it is hot outside, this fellow will grant you a portion of fresh air together with some light that is effectively diffused through fumed glass.

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#10 Down Rod Fine Textured Fan

A reliable fan like this will complement any type of industrial interior. The item itself is not too heavy as it involves the use of aluminum alloy in outer shell parts and steel elements in functioning details. The engines of the fans are 180 degree adjustable for covering a greater space of blowing at threes options of speed. The most attractive thing about the fan is a fine texture that shines with elegance.


#11 Miniature Home Version

Some houses cannot boast with high ceilings. In this aspect there is a special category of fans with telescopic leg that grants a possibility to regulate the height of the fan to the most appropriate level. This miniature option is well suitable for small rooms and it will work almost unnoted due to an extremely quiet engine. Two sets of blades are easily adjustable for a greater efficiency.

harbor breeze double ceiling fan

#12 Tropical Leaf Style

The first thing that catches the eyes of the person who looks at this fan is the size of the blade. They are enormously huge in real life. Yes, they are capable of blowing the air and in great volume. The angle of the leaves is specifically designed to move smoother and without production of any noise at all. If you care for a nice comforting accessory, that will stylishly get rid of heat, pay attention to this model.


#13 Palm Tree Rest

Imagine lying on warm sand under the palm tree with giant leaves and sweet breeze gently touching your skin. There is no need to leave house to experience this feeling if you posses one of such fans. Its blades have a fascinating resemblance with the real leaves thanks to an individually carved texture of the wood. Three speeds of the fan are capable of adding a nice portion of fresh air in the hottest time of the day.


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