Garage ceiling fans – Deciding the Right Size for Your Garage

Garage ceiling fans come in an assortment of sizes. It is therefore important to choose the correct size if you’re going to keep your garage cool. These tips will come in handy.

Where will You Locate the Fan?

The location of your garage ceiling fans is critical. Ensure that you install them in a safe place preferably seven feet high. Make sure that the blades are not blocking air flow within thirty inches of the fan blade span. Also, ensure that the ceiling fan box can hold the weight of the fan.

Consider the Span Width and Blade Count

You’re better off with a four blade fan, more so if your garage is small. Such a blade is easier to turn not to mention that it requires a smaller motor that is relatively expensive.

Consider the Lighting and Controls

Ensure that the size of your garage ceiling fans allow you to control the lights and the fan individually from a wall switch. Ultimately, you want the fan and the lights to operate in harmony.

Note – While these may not be the only considerations to make when choosing the size of your garage ceiling fans, they are the most important.

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