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A ceiling fan is a structure attached to the ceiling of a room designed to improve air circulation in order to reduce temperature through evaporation. It traditionally consists of a motor, a central hub, several blades, a switch and programmer, and lights.

How does a ceiling fan work?

The ceiling fan uses the physical principle of centrifugal force. The motor, powered by an electrical source, drives a central hub connected to a transmission shaft that drives the blade system.

The movement of the blades makes it possible to distribute hot or cold air in the room, thereby contributing to the homogenization of the atmosphere. The best ceiling fans are equipped with a switch to change the direction of rotation of the blades.

  • In summer, the rotation should be counter-clockwise to push the air towards the ground, which brings a feeling of freshness.
  • In winter, the rotation should be lower and clockwise in order to redistribute the warm air that accumulates near the ceiling.

Advantages and disadvantages described in customer reviews

If we compare different opinions of customers, the following advantages are regularly revealed:

  • Economic, even ecological aspect in relation to the air conditioner;
  • Decorative aspect that gives the interior a certain charm;
  • Functional aspect, as it gives a real feeling of freshness;
  • Some models are completely silent;
  • Easy assembly and installation;
  • accessibility and availability of service;
  • Reversibility for heat homogenization in winter;
  • Remote control that allows remote control;
  • Product quality and powerful lighting.

Customer reviews also point to some disadvantages:

  • The time and complexity of installing a ceiling fan;
  • Untranslated or difficult to understand notices;
  • Items are damaged or missing upon receipt of products;
  • Breakdowns that occur after a few months of use;
  • Noise generated by some models;
  • Too weak or non-working light;
  • Low quality materials;
  • Switch failure;
  • Remote control that does not work;
  • Insufficient air flow relative to the surface of the room.

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