Dyson bladeless ceiling fan

The dyson bladeless ceiling fan is also sometimes known as air multiplier, it has an elegant design with contemporary low profile finish that delivers efficient airflow. This flush mounted ceiling fan is perfect for use in any modern home.

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How it works ?

The device is powered by a new form of technology known as ‘streamline’ or ‘laminar’ flow. This causes an uninterrupted passage of air, generating less noise as well as bringing more comfort as the air blows through a ring consisting of no external blades.

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Air is pulled in by a fan at the base then redirected into the ring, it then comes out through spaces around the disc of your bladeless ceiling fan dyson. Thereafter, this air passes over a special device that resembles the shape of an aircraft wing, before finally being released into the room.

Benefits of using a bladeless dyson fan

A) This device is designed to give you total control over your home’s environmental conditions both quickly and efficiently. While other standard ceiling fans make use of brute force to blend air into the environment, bladeless ceiling fans dyson are more refined creating a smooth vortex airflow which effectively homogenizes the room, while still maintaining a minimal form factor.
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B) The fan has a beautiful ultra-modern design that fits well into most homes. Moreover, because of its rather small size it can be accommodated in rooms where other larger fans won’t fit at all. The dyson fan is very effective for rooms that measure up to 20’ x 20’.
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C) It balances all thermal boundary layers inside the room to establish a stable and constant temperature throughout the whole room. As hot air rises and cool falls, this device evenly blends the lower cool air with warmer higher air into a single consistent all-encompassing temperature.

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In conclusion, the dyson bladeless fan is designed to improve living comfort while also decreasing fixed energy costs within the home.
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bladeless ceiling fan dyson


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