Top 25 Ceiling fans kids of 2023

You have spent a lot of time designing your kid’s room with everything that he or she is fond of. You have thought of every animal, story book character, or truck, car or plane to create a familiar and comfortable theme for the child. But have your thought about kids ceiling fans?


Ceiling fans kids are built and installed as are the fans for the rest of the house. The difference in these fans is that they can fit into the theme you designed for that kid’s room.

If your child is a fan of Winnie-the-Pooh, the fan for that room would have Winnie-the-Pooh on the blades of the fan. These kids ceiling fans are not just for the nursery, there are sports themes for the child that loves sports.

Sport fans

These sports fans cover baseball and all other sports. For the little girl that dreams of being a ballerina there is a ballerina theme fan. There are a variety of themes for the kid’s room and it just depends on the age of the kid. m on the walls and furniture but to the ceiling fans for kid rooms as well.

While the kid lies in bed he can enjoy his favorites by looking up and feeling the cool comfort of the fan as well.


Make the kid happy and comfortable in his or her surroundings and look into getting a kids ceiling fan. You will not just be decorating a room or a theme you will be building a memory for years. The kids ceiling fans are as cost effective and energy efficient as the larger fans in the rest of the house.

These kids ceiling fans are available in all themes. They are very useful when it comes to your kid growth. They keep their moods lively and help them grow. They also make kids rooms beautiful.

#1 Rainbow Flower Ceiling Fan

Metal constructed fans are among the best options for installing in the rooms as they tend to be the most durable ones in terms of long exploitation. This model will be perfectly matching the room of a kid due to the amazing decoration of the petals of various colors which makes the model similar to the flower with rainbow colored petals.

#2 Spherical Bright Coloured Ceiling Fan for Kids

Another popular option for installation onto the ceiling is also equipped with rainbow coloured blades. This model is somewhat different from the previous one in aspect of the light fixture. The item is made of a spherical construction that serves as a fine accent of the model and grants a large portion of light regardless of the place where it is installed.


#3 Classical Mini Ceiling Fan

Here is a pure metal pull-chain remote control fan with extra broad blades. The construction itself is not too big and will be matching the rooms of children in a perfect manner. However, the size does not mean low efficiency as the creators placed a powerful engine into the model to generate tons of fresh air masses.

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#4 Cartoon Inspired Ceiling Fan

The fan like this will be like a bright racing track on the ceiling. The model introduces amazing fan print of the Cars cartoon with a Lighting McQueen character. This is among the most favourite characters of the children. This model can find an owner that will be passionate about the cartoon and about speed – all this under a white light of the lamp.


#5 Falling Airplane Ceiling Fan

Most of the owners of the planes during the war added some ferocious look to their machines so that it drew fear to the opponents. Now such a bold design was applied to the ceiling plane fan model. This would come to liking of numerous boys who are often spending their time in the world of videogames.

#6 World War Style Ceiling Plane

The model like this resembles some real historical artefact as if a real plane’s engine was detached from the item and installed onto the ceiling. This model is made with a great realism and quality. It would come to liking of all people who are passionate about history and the items which remind about it.

#7 Cupcake Ceiling Fan for Girls

It’s time to get some sweets and this fan perfectly depicts the things that kids like most of all. The cupcakes and a whole bunch of other sweets will become an excellent designer solution for a room of some little girl. Be sure that this item will become the brightest spot in the room of the owner of the fan.

#8 Pretty Giraffe Ceiling Fan

Little kids really like animals. They like asking their parents to purchase them the toys and garments with animals. With this fan you can be one step ahead as the kid will surely be pleased after seeing such an amazing and positive looking animal that will be moving on the blades of the fan when it is turned on.

#9 Bubble Explosion Ceiling Fan for Children

Those kids who like bright things, would be surely happy to have such a bright coloured model in their rooms. It seems that the blades consist of some bubbles which are swirling in an endless dance when the fan is turned on. The model can be equipped with a remote control and that will make it an extremely useful item during hot summer days.

#10 Bright Stars Kids Ceiling Fan

Sometimes colour preferences decide everything. If you are considering the idea of getting a fan for a kid’s room, you are supposed to take into consideration the colour of the model and the spectrum of functions that will be available after attaching the model to the ceiling. Here we have a light and fan construction made in purple colour that will come to liking of both boys and girls.

#11 Plane Model Ceiling Fan

A kid that is passionate about the planes will surely be attracted with fine models that will be hanging on the ceiling. There is an opportunity to install a classic propeller model on the ceiling that will fulfil a double function. The first one would be a powerful air conditioner, while the second function – is a fine accessory of the room of a boy.

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#12 Romantic Chandelier Girl Ceiling Fan

Here we a have a fine girlish model of a ceiling fan. The model consists of an elegant shaped fan with amazing stylish light system that is performed in a wonderful pink shaped lamp with plenty of crystals to make the model perfect looking one. Any little princess would become charmed with the lamp like this.

#13 Transparent Plastic Blades Ceiling Fan

This model accentuates more on the lighting of the model, rather than of a fan. The model utilizes the light construction of the plastic blades to move the masses of the air around the premise. However, the blades are not simply designed, they are decorated with various colours for some extra attractive look without sacrificing the productivity.

#14 Reserved Wooden Fan

The teenagers are still kids, but they like to express their adulthood in various manners. For them, some pictures and kid patterns would appear not that attractive. That is why there are numerous models with a standard classic look that would be equally matching for both adults and teenagers. In addition, the models are reliable and designated for long term of service.

#15 Disney Inspired Ceiling Fan for Kids

This ceiling fan with a pull chain mechanism would become a perfect choice even for the smallest kids. It introduces the art of one of the most famous characters in the world – Winnie the Pooh together with his friends. It is hard to imagine a kid that will not recognize this character and that will not like a fan with this character in the room.

#16 UFO Welcome Ceiling Fan

The space topic is always among the most attractive ones for children. That is why we have got this awesome UFO ceiling fan in our top of kids’ fans. This model resembles a real flying shuttle and would become a fine acquisition for a room of a kid who is a fan some space adventure cartoon or series. Moreover, three lamps in the glass dome will shine with beauty as a UFO welcome signal.

#17 Pink Flower Girl Ceiling Fan

The pink colour is surely a colour of a pretty girl. There are elegant and totally girlish models which are supposed to add some style and fashion to the room of a real princess. This pink model is simultaneously practical as it combines fan and light and luxurious due to amazing design that makes it similar to large chandeliers.

ceiling fans kids photo - 1

#18 Little Mermaid Ceiling Fan

You all have heard about the tale of a little mermaid. The Disney cartoon made the character incredibly amazing. The girls of all ages like this character and would like to get a lot of merchandise with Ariel and her friends. This ceiling fan is decorated with the art of a little mermaid and would become an excellent designer solution for the room of a girl who wants a portion of some fairy tale in her life.

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ceiling fans kids photo - 2

#19 Dinosaur Themed Ceiling Fan

The decoration of the blades can transform the model of the air fan into something beautiful and fashionable. This model decided to use a popular theme of dinosaur in order to decorate the blades of the ceiling fan. It uses the most popular dinosaurs as a source of inspiration making it an extremely popular model among real dinosaur lovers.

ceiling fans kids photo - 3

#20 Slam Dunk Ceiling Fan for Kids

The basketball is among the most preferred sport types among children. Such ceiling fans for kids would be amazing for real basketball adorers. It is performed in shape of a basket and a ball that is on a half way to scoring the goal. The ball itself is not just a simple plastic ball but a top quality led light that will be a prefect addition to the interior.

ceiling fans kids photo - 4

#21 Jet Plane Ceiling Fan

It is not always necessary to use a standard air blower for the room. There are numerous models which can become an attractive accessory emphasizing the peculiarities of the room. This is especially important for a kid who wants to express individuality in everything. A plain is an excellent ceiling fan idea for a boy who dreams about a stylish room.

ceiling fans kids photo - 5

#22 Endless Space Ceiling Fan

There are numerous models which are available for installation into the rooms of children. This fine model can boast with a superb acrylic pattern that is placed on the blades and on the shade of the built-in fixture of the lamp. In this peculiar fan we have got a fine space art that creates an amazing experience of lying under the milky way.

ceiling fans kids photo - 6

#23 Ceiling Fan for Sports Fans

This ceiling fan would be a perfect choice for the children who are crazy about sports. The blades are decorated with the symbols of the most popular sports which are attended by kids. It will serve as a nice motivator for going to daily workouts in the sport sections. The model is quite reliable and is destined for a long term usage.

ceiling fans kids photo - 7

#24 Hunter Ceiling Fan with Space Pattern

The Hunter brand of fans is an amazing brand that creates unique and powerful models designated for providing fresh air. There are options for all ages and kids can benefit greatly from exclusive models which are decorated with some incredible patterns. The combination with lighting fixture will make the lamp twice as useful in the household.

ceiling fans kids photo - 8

#25 Miracle Flower Fan

Here is an amazing stylish lamp that resembles a fabulous paradise flower. This smooth design of a flower will be perfectly matching the room of a girl. The petals are made in several levels and can be turned on simultaneously for a portion of a fresh air while looking extremely amazing. Such an accessory radiates with elegance and will work for multiple years.

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