Smoke eater ceiling fans – check into your options today for a fresher room!

Do you have a room designated for cigarettes and cigars? Perhaps it is a poker room or a sun room where you have a smoke with your first cup of coffee or an indoor place set aside for guests when the weather isn’t so nice.

Whatever reason you have to smoke in your home is your business but you don’t need to let that stale scent muck up the whole area. Smoke eater ceiling fans are a fantastic investment for just such instances.

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Your home will not smell

Smoke particles like to linger around even after the fire is extinguished. With a smoke eater ceiling fan you can rest assured that your home will not smell nearly as bad as if you didn’t install one.

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The fan sucks the smoke inside of its filter and traps the particles inside so in no longer is finding its resting place in the atmosphere. Every so often you will have to change the filter and the frequency of that will depend on how much smoking is done in the room it is in.

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Shapes, sizes and styles

Smoke eater ceiling fans come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles so you can bet on finding one that meets your needs and taste exactly. Some even have lights attached to them to illuminate the room.

Smoke eater ceiling fans are not nearly as noisy as an exhaust fan which makes them a great option for your home or office. The filters are user friendly too so you will be able to switch it out without needing to call the manufacturer because it was too complicated.

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Smoke isn’t the only thing you can rid an area of with a smoke eater ceiling fan. Dust and allergens will also be sucked up into the filter to keep the air around you cleaner than ever before. Check into your options today for a fresher room.










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