16 Vintage Table Lamps for Retro Home Decor

Vintage table lamps surely will never go out of style. A table lamp might be just another boring object lying around in your room. However, for some people it’s an item of pride and joy. Not just any table lamp, but a vintage table lamp.

Illuminate your room

One can find a wide array of table lamps at your local store or online. It is one item that you can’t do without in your bedroom or your study. Table lamp serves the purpose of illuminating your room while you read a book before bedtime or watch your favorite TV show.

One must buy lamps that not only adorn and complement the ambiance of your room but also fit into your choice. And if you have a taste for antique and retro styles, a vintage table lamp would be something of interest to you.

Unique touch

Vintage table lamps have a unique touch and feel to it. They don’t look ordinary by any means and the very appearance will take you back to a different era. Vintage table lamps have a notably classic look and is a quintessential part of home decor.

You won’t believe how an elegantly designed and polished vintage table lamp can totally change the beauty of your room.


Vintage lamps have personality and character typical to the period to which they belong. Some of the vintage designs are so adorable that they are highly sought after like a prized collectible.

A lot of these lamps are made of ceramic, brass and porcelain unlike the ordinary lamps found in the market. In addition to being stunningly beautiful, these lamps are also sturdy and durable.

Last word

A perfect vintage table lamp exudes class and elegance that speaks not only about the lamp but also about your fine obsession for all things beautiful. So have you found your perfect vintage lamp already?

List of Vintage Table Lamps:

#1 Steampunk table lamp

 This style is a tabletop lamp with our unique short tube frame and cast iron floor for steampunk-themed traders.

The foundation is strong cast iron, and all joints are durable brass with an elegant plate to avoid trying to ruin the metal. The three-core knotted cable comes in many different shades; however, users can choose a choice shade when they order.

The locking mechanism ensures that even when adjusting the light, the body cannot be unzipped unexpectedly. Should the need arise, wing nut brackets make changing the bulb an effortless operation.

A black inline switch and three-pin plugs come with the lamp. It will fit the office desk or concierge desk or have a side table as a decorative table lamp. Currently, in development, the hand-formed adjustable brass shade is available as a selectable option.

#2 Retrofit desk vintage lamp

 Compared to relying on a single central light in a room, centered task lighting relieves pressure on your eyes. The kind of bulb you’re going to use with your desk light should also be given some thought.

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It would help if you looked for one that offers ample light to see what you are doing but not so bright that it makes you squint.

One with a slim, innocuous style is the perfect desk lamp for most individuals. This adds tailored lighting without overwhelming the desk wherever you’re working.

#3 Antique style brass lamp

 The offered Antique Brass Table Lamp is available in brass and fine antique brass finishes. Provided in 12-inch sizes, such magnificent designs are recognized for their outstanding utility and elaborate support for craftsmanship. Their attractive looks make them fit customers’ tastes to offer these lamps in personalized styles and finishes. These lamps, attached with qualitative fittings, often fulfill the demands of antique finished looks.

#4 Brass vintage glass tube lamp


All this is a new version of the Antique Glass tube Brass Table lamp that uses a regular glass tube available as an 8″ x 4″ Wall Sconce Candle Holder combined with our Bakelite style base as a spare part from lamp suppliers. It is also the ideal lamp to demonstrate our Edison bulbs’ elegance.

The foundation is acetal-turned, and all fittings are antique-plated solid brass to protect the surface from tarnishing. The three-core knotted cable comes in many different colors, and when you order, you can choose a choice color. The E27 240V twisted input is the lamp holder and comes with one shade nut. The locking mechanism ensures that when adjusting the bulb, the body cannot be unpacked mistakenly.

#5 Dale Tiffany Ball Base vintage

 In this table lamp, iridescent peacock tones will add a colorful sparkle to every space in your home or office. Creamy, light amber panels are the background for peacock feather inserts that run in yellow and blue along the hue’s bottom, each accented with a jewel of ruby art glass.

To highlight their beauty, ribbons of dark amber border the top and bottom of each jewel. The metal base features a handsome container perched on elegant legs atop a staggering pedestal with shell accents. The floor is finished in antique bronze, which gives a tremendous antique feel to this lamp.

#6 Christian Dell table lamp

 This antique piece remains completely functional, but through scuffs, a ding, fading finishes, minor defects in upholstery, or noticeable repairs, it shows signs of age. 

With its white color and classic design, this lamp adds flare to any interior and gives a finishing look. Its simple design and look make it adjustable to any room, including the bedroom, living room, kids room, or study room. It is ideal for decoration and serves the purpose quite well.

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#7 Classic Perfect Vintage Table Lamp

 As the name indicates, this is the perfect vintage lamp for any interior in your home. You can place this lamp in any room with fear of it not going well. Its light pink hood with a golden stand gives it a versatile look, making it a perfect vintage table lamp. It adds a classic glare into the room and fits with all colors and types of interior.

#8 Chapala vintage table Lamp

 The impressive, enormous Chapala Floor Lamp, crafted by antique artisan porcelain, adds visual interest to any atmosphere. Fabric shade, Flashlight doesn’t include three-way change, 72″ string, Wipe clean with just a paper towel. It is made of ceramic and brass.

#9 Long shaded slim vintage lamp

 This vintage lamp has a long narrow shape and a slim stand. The glass design on the stand adds a unique classical look to the lamp. The milky with shade and the metallic base with glass designing combine to form a perfect vintage lamp that adds a classic look to the whole room, giving it a finishing touch. This decorative lamp can be used in any room irrespective of the purpose; however, it gives the most classical looks to the living room and guest room.

#10 Cream Tube Retro Lamps

Vintage floor lamps with antique brass floor lamps on a marble foundation. Antique floor renovation of traditional antique floor lamps. Floor lamps style retro floor lamps style ridiculous antique beaded lamps. Bamboo floor lamps: vintage antique brass bamboo floor lamps.

Antique floor lamps for sale. Elegant antique floor table lamps. Vintage antique floor lamps made by American scarecrows: vintage. Stiffel ground lamps, retro floor lamps, illuminated by a brass lamp. Floor lamps: vintage antique stiffel oregano for view brass floor lamp. Antique Style Floor Lamps Retro Style Floor Lamps UK. Antique Supercarotteco antique floor lamps.

#11 The broad body vintage table lamps

 The broad body vintage lamp is the perfect fit for bedrooms and living rooms. With its antique and classic body, it adds a glare of boldness to the whole interior. The bold metallic stand in an elegant style reflects the freshness and makes it a perfect choice while looking for a classic vintage table lamp

#12 Mason jar Blue Vintage

 In the quart scale, this handmade lamp features a lovely authentic vintage blue mason jar. I have added a fixture with a double bulb and an ivory-colored lamp. The interior of the antique pot is illuminated by one bulb and the other by a shadow. Each light operates separately from the other so that you can use both or light the jar independently.

A pleasant subtle light, or night light, is produced by the lamp inside the container. The last image shows the lamp with only the bulb illuminated by the jar. The lamp switches on and off through a button on the cord and a toggle switch for the stoplight.

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#13 Vintage Glass tube Brass lamp

 Stiffel floor lamp, antique floor lamp, vintage floor lamp bits. Vintage glass floor lamp shades with vintage floor lamp shades. Lamp: glass lamp shop lampshades for antique table lamps. Vintage lamp miners stock images of vintage lamp miners. It is an imposing retro gooseneck lamp Vintage gooseneck lamp shade.

Vintage floor lamp Stiffel floor lamp vintage floor lamp assembly. Vintage table lamp with brass gooseneck lamp.

Beautiful vintage table lamp designs areasaludmerida vintage table lamp styles. Gorgeous antique lamp with Italian lampshades, wow, vintage Italian lamp. Vintage standard antique vintage lamp made of a standing light. Vintage gooseneck desk lamp vintage desk lamp shade lamp painting.

#14 Ellington Twins Vintage Lamps

vintage table lamps photo - 1

 Ellington Twins vintage table lamps combine the perfect ratio of form and function. The style of vintage table lamps redefined in these Ellington twins makes a difference with their unique color and form. These twins fit most of the interiors and adjust in every room, from the kid’s rooms to the guest rooms.

#15 Art Nouveau Tiffany glass Table Lamp

vintage table lamps photo - 8

 A charming collection of light fittings in the Tiffany style showcasing the finest quality authentic hand-crafted American art glass. In a classic Art Nouveau floral pattern in hues of amber, caramel, ginger, and emerald green, the Kami range of our Broadway American Collection have Tiffany shades.

Art Nouveau decoration was known for excellent service in natural flowing designs from the late 1800s to the early 1900s; this lighting style suits very well in typical Victorian and Edwardian interior design.

The table lamp displayed here sits on a base of antique bronze with flowing linear detailing that beautifully compliments the shade. The metal chain light pulls, which allow you to regulate the level of light by lighting either one or both of the lights, indicate these lamps’ quality. Joy even when not illuminated.

#16 Brindille Forge Table Lamp
vintage table lamps photo - 10

Lightology – $1,287.00

 The Brindille Side Table by Hubbardton Forge, beautiful and imaginative, is everything you need to make your room decor a little more vibrant and lively. It was crafted by professional Vermont craftsmen who produced a mixture of steel and multi-faceted ‘twigs’ forged and hammered for texture and form from a red-hot round bar stock.

The table lamp can also act as a sculpture that can be part of the theme of a drawing room or personal space. The incandescent light bulb is offered in Dokin brogues, flax, organic anna, light grey, medium grey in different shade finish combinations. Mahogany, antique platinum, gold, natural iron, black, dark smoke, burnished steel, soft gold, and bronze are the finishing’s available in this bulb.

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