Stiffel lamps vintage – 10 representatives of a wonderful neoclassical art

#1 Elegant Frosted Glass Lamps

The lamps of this style are representatives of a wonderful neoclassical art. The brass columns are elaborately designed with fallen foliage. The diffuser shadesare made of fine frosted glass that evenly transfers the light around. It’s an excellent choice for those art lovers who want to add a soft touch of beauty to their dwellings.

#2 Fine Antique Stiffel Lamps

This beautiful pair of fashionable lamps looks really cute. The items are classical in each detail even the switch was modelled to correspond the authenticity of older times, when such lamps were extremely popular. The whiteness of the marble used for the stem is shining like a precious stone. The fluted metal of the leg is made of fine water resistant brass, so that it could be cleaned with a wet duster.

#3 Stylish Cup Like Lamp

The stem of the cup resembles a huge bronze bowl with a fine laser engraving on the surface of the lamp. The lamp is performed of a top quality bronze so it will remain in a perfect state for a long time. The thing that this brass lamp requires is a regular polishing so that metal didn’t get tarnished.

#4 Stiffel Crackle Glazed Lamps

These white lamps are made of top quality white ceramics. They can be easily turned on via simple earring pulls which remind about old times. The standard lamps are applied into sockets, so you can use up to 100W lamp to eliminate darkness. The shade is crafted with a fine silk thread that dissipates light in a very charming manner. This is an excellent acquisition for unusual interiors.

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#5 Brass Stiffel Floor Lamp

If you want to get a fine lamp with a rich history that will serve you for many years, this model will be an amazing selection. It is both simple and elegant. The skilfulness of the designers resulted in a creatively carved stem, smooth lines and attractive general look. It would look really impressive in the classic interior of any room.

stiffel lamps vintage photo - 2

#6 White Marble Lamp

This Stiffel vintage lamp can be considered one of the brightest designer creations. This pair of fashionable white marble lamps would look really amazing on bedside tables. While looking at these pieces of art you’ll think about the history that accompanied these items.You’ll definitely experience nostalgia of the events that will never happen again.

stiffel lamps vintage photo - 3

#7 Royal Beauty

This mid-century blue ceramic lamps would be more appropriate in the palace of Ludovico XIV. However, if you like luxurious vintage items, this Stiffel table lamp will come to your taste. The finish of the lamp is performed in royal blue color and the general shape of the item resembles a lily – the symbol of royalty. The lamp is somewhat heavy due to the metal but that provides extra durability to the item.

stiffel lamps vintage photo - 4

#8 Solid Bronze Table Lamp

This classical lamp is a greater addition to a classical interior. The item is made of bronze with a ceramic fitting for a lamp. It has got strict lines which were inspired by the lamps from 1900s. The metal construction does not cause any doubts about the durability of such a lamp. The lamps of up to 150W potency can be used for receiving illumination.

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#9 Azure Beauty Lamp

This azure lamp is made of pure ceramics that is very close to the natural stone lapis lazuli that is frequently used for fashionable jewellery. The piece of décor was masterfully crafted in perfect rounded shapes and golden painted image makes an image of luxury and style complete. This would be an excellent addition to a classic interior.

stiffel lamps vintage photo - 8

#10 Vintage Matching Pair Lamps

If you’re passionate about vintage style than this pair of lamps would be the best purchase. They remind of those times when gas lamps gave light to rich mansions. Fortunately, these bronze models are electricity operable though the stem perfectly imitates gas lamps. Just plug them in and your retro style interior will emerge from darkness casting light to every corner of your place.

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