Tiffa mini lamp – virtually equal to bringing home extraordinary power

Bringing home a tiffa mini lamp is virtually equal to bringing home extraordinary power. It adds an unusual old world charm to the atmosphere.

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Nostalgically attractive to the eyes

Earthy patterns on the surface bring to fore the traditional folklore. Skilled craftiness of the lustrous metallic exterior flank the lamp. The principal portion of the light is glassed in by colourful artistic work popping out.

The versatility of tiffa mini lamps is that it can be used as a bedside lamp as well as in hotel suites. The Victorian era lampshades are nostalgically attractive to the eyes. The illumination emitted out by these lamps have a captivating appearance to the ambiance. It fits perfectly to elevate the look of any room.

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The vintage magic in the air created by this lighting is unpatallel. Both the base and the lampshade are assembled for easy fixing. Forget your old subdued lamps and replace them with these Tiffa mini lamps for an enchanting mood.

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