TOP 21 Unique Floor Lamps 2023

Unique floor lamps is an elevated stimulating lighting lamp which is placed on the base of a living room. Usually on the floor. An upper limit match will provide sufficient all-purpose illumination, but a baseboard passage should be available for an undersized floor lamp or a table hurricane lantern for stitching principles.

Advantages and uses of a Unique Floor lamps

  • A unique floor lamp can be tested easily.
  • A unique floor lamp has lighting that is resourceful.
  • A small unique floor lamp produces an outstanding lamp for reading
  • A tall unique floor lamp is mostly used to illuminate the piano, but small piano lamps may be found which are decorative as well as serviceable in illuminating the music without glare.


 Unique floor lamps are great for brightening up a dim bend, adding up “elevation” to a room, and convey extra task or ambient lighting. Unique floor lamps usually complements the other lighting in the room.

Tree Like Floor Lamp

The tree designed lamps look absolutely amazing and unique when it comes to decorating the interior. This silvery barked trunk of the tree with matching shade will look adorable in any room. It will state about the connection between people and nature while producing a portion of some nice and comfortable light thanks to one powerful lamp.

The Light Garden Lighted Willow Vine
Vine can be bent into different shapes to fit your decorating needs.; The vine has a 78" cord and a transformer that plugs into an outlet.
Possini Euro Design Asian Modern Floor Lamp Decor 51.5" Tall Gray Rectangular Tower Column Base Autumn Branch Fabric Shade Design Standing Light for Living Room Reading House Bedroom
A decorative column modern floor lamp by Possini Euro Design.; Black pattern autumn branch design on off-white fabric. Uno-style shade fitter.

Giant Projector Lamp

People who are interested in loft or pop art style, will greatly enjoy this unusual option of a floor lamp. Take a look at this giant halogen lighted projector. It definitely looks more suitable in some cinema or photo studio when light decides everything. However, such a powerful source of light will surely find some nice spot among the naked walls of the loft interior and the brass colour of the body will resonate with red bricks of the walls.

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unique floor lamps photo - 1

Unique Floor Lamp Decoration

Continuing the topic of the unique projector floor lamps we can state that such projectors will be matching even some classic looking living rooms. This floor lamp looks rather natural in such a premise thanks to the matching gamma of colours. This is not just a simple floor light, but a fully adjustable unit where you can control the angle of light for a more comfortable usage.

unique floor lamps photo - 2

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Cylinder Pillar Floor Lamp

Here we have another modernistic floor light solution where every separate light unit is adjusted on its own. That is why you can select the lighting angle of each lamp and customize the construction in the way you find most applicable for your interior. The combination of black and gold colours makes the floor lamp a universal choice for numerous designer options in the interior.

unique floor lamps photo - 3

Foam Style Floor Lamp

The technology of the light diodes makes it possible to create truly one of a kind floor lamps. Take a closer look at this model. It is definitely fabulous. It looks like the water was bubbled at a high temperature and then it was instantly frozen to take the shape of all the bubbles and foam that appeared during the boiling. If you a passionate about some unique and unusual things, this lamp will explode your imagination.

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Mobius Unique Floor Lamp

This simply constructed lamp can boast with deeper meaning. If you take a closer look at the metal construction of the stem, you will notice the twist and curves which are forming the Mobius. This is a well-known symbol of infinity. Hopefully, such a design means the potential length of service during which the lamp will fulfil the duties of lighting the surrounding area. Besides, the golden shades will make the interior even more luxurious.

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Millennium Old Tree Floor Lamp

This grotesque looking floor lamp seems to have emerged from the past, though it is totally impossible. Try to remember the series of cartoons about Flintstones – a couple of cave people who had a lot of thing which resemble the modern ones. This item definitely looks like the one from the stone age. It will look especially inspiring in some wooden cabin near the lake.

unique floor lamps photo - 7

Overhanging Floor Lamp

Although once these lamps were exclusive unique designer solutions for rich people, they became available for common people as well. Such lamps are extremely attractive in terms of their look and utilization. The construction allows to adjust the height of the lamp to the most comfortable level of lighting. A strong base of this floor lamp prevents the fear that the model can fall down.

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Step Style Floor Lamp

The floor lamps along the steps look absolutely amazing and unique. When installed right to the top the lamps look truly effective and awesome. The rods which are holding the stairs are, in fact, the led light lamps which can shine during the night eliminating all the darkness.  This is an effective lighting solution for most of modern interiors with stairs. Due to their elegance the lamps will decorate any premise.

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Chinese Light Floor Lamp

A lot of people are fascinated with the Chinese lanterns which are flowing across the river during one of the Asian holidays. They resemble some tiny fireflies which are dancing upon the surface of the water. In this case we have got a tiny miniature floor light in shape of a lantern that can be placed on the floor or on the table for some romantic occasion.

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Set of 2 Holmo Lamps (Set of 2 (HOLMO Lamp NO Light Bulb)) (Set of 2 (HOLMO Lamp NO Light Bulb)
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