Dale tiffany lamps: It’s All in the Colors

Elegant designs and rich colors are only a part of what makes dale tiffany lamps so intriguing for many people. Dale Tiffany, Inc. is known for crafting distinct, handmade glass into exquisite lamps for the home and living spaces.

The vibrant colors and shapes of glass pieces make the lamps unique and warm in any location of your home.

Spruce Up That Table

Whether it’s a desk or living room end-table, dale tiffany table lamps display hand-rolled art glass pieces to be illuminated by the lamp’s light. The array of colors elicits positive vibes and class within the space that it sits. Making your experience even better.

Commercial locations can place these table lamps throughout their spaces to add an antique elegance, appealing to the most sophisticated and color-loving consumers.

Tiffany Style Table Lamp Banker 23" Tall Stained Glass Red Green Tan Floral Flower Butterfly Antique Vintage Light Decor Living Room Bedroom Handmade Gift AM060TL16 Amora Lighting
  • Shade colors appears darker and less vibrant when not illuminated
  • Package dimensions: 23" L x 12. 95" W x 11. 5" H
  • Country of Origin: China
Dale Tiffany TT101110 Aldridge Table Lamp, Bronze
  • Features A Resin Base With An Antique Bronze Finish
  • Includes A Hand Rolled Art Glass Shade
  • Features An On/Off Socket And A Pull Chain Switch
Dale Tiffany TA90215 Crystal Peony Accent Lamp, Antique Golden Sand and Art Glass Shade
  • Dale Tiffany is a world-renowned manufacturer of fine glass lighting and home decor in the tradition of Louis Comfort Tiffany
  • Item measures 7-Inch x 15.25-Inch
  • Beautiful Antique Golden Sand Finish And Art Glass Shade
Dale Tiffany TT90179 Table Lamp, Antique Bronze
  • Featuring a graduated pedestal base with a leaf pattern in an antique bronze finish
  • Creamy Beige Art Glass is the setting for lush Pink, Purple and Periwinkle flowers
  • Stunning and delightful art piece table lamp for any living space
Dale Tiffany TT10087 Table Lamp, Fieldstone and Art Glass Shade Black, 18.50x10.25x10.25
  • Dale Tiffany Is A World-Renowned Manufacturer Of Fine Glass Lighting And Home Decor In The Tradition Of Louis Comfort Tiffany
  • Item Measures 10.25-Inch X 18.5-Inch
  • Beautiful Fieldstone Finish And Art Glass Shade
Dale Tiffany TT12232 Tiffany/Mica Two Light Table Lamp in Bronze/Dark Finish, 16.25 inches, Fieldstone
  • Bevy Of Abundant Roses In Shades Of Red, Lavender, Pink, And Yellow
  • Interspersed Vivid Blue And Crimson Art Glass Jewels
  • Metal Base Finished In Rich Fieldstone
Dale Tiffany TB101109 Aldridge Buffet Lamp, 9" x 9" x 30", Antique Bronze
  • Features a resin base with an antique bronze finish
  • Includes a hand rolled art glass shade
  • Features an on/off socket and a turn knob switch
Dale Tiffany Lamps TT101081J Aldridge Peacock Table Lamp, Antique Bronze
  • Large panels of creamy amber art glass provide a backdrop for panels of yellow, green, blue and red peacock-inspired insets
  • Each of the 108 pieces of art glass and art glass jewels in the shade have been individually hand rolled and copper foiled
  • The peacock theme continues in the intricately carved metal base, which is finished in rich antique bronze
Dale Tiffany TA100700 Ainsley Desk Lamp, 5.5" x 5.5" x 21", Mica Bronze
  • Traditional-series desk lamp in earthy neutral tones
  • 5-1/2-inch bell-shaped shade holds 78 pieces of colored stained glass
  • Adjustable metal base with mica/bronze finish
Dale Tiffany TT100914 Leavesley Two Light Table Lamp, Fieldstone
  • Verdant tropical vines of green, brown, yellow and tan set against blue and purple background
  • Glow with luminous color when the lamp is lit
  • Lamp features a metal base with a Fieldstone finish
Dale Tiffany TT10034 Tiffany Mission Table Lamp, Antique Golden Sand and Art Glass Shade
  • Dale Tiffany is a world-renowned manufacturer of fine glass lighting and home decor in the tradition of Louis Comfort Tiffany
  • Item measures 14-Inch x 23-Inch
  • Beautiful Antique Golden Sand Finish And Art Glass Shade
Dale Tiffany TT100588 Tiffany/Mica Two Light Table Lamp from Dragonfly Collection in Bronze/Dark Finish, 17.00 inches, Fieldstone
  • Features a metal base with a fieldstone finish
  • Includes a hand rolled art glass shade
  • Features an on/off socket and a pull chain switch
Dale Tiffany GT60653 Granada Table Lamp, 17" x 17" x 27", Brushed Nickel
  • Elegant carved crystal base for an air of luxury to any room
  • Balanced with brushed nickel pedestal and accents
  • Faceted crystal finial that sends showers of sparkle when lit
Dale Tiffany 8655/551 Edmund Mission Style Table Lamp, 13.0" x 13.0" x 20.75", Antique Bronze
  • Edmund table lamp in amber, green and red
  • Shade panels feature a double arrowhead pattern flanked by green and red art glass squares
  • Arrowhead pattern carries through metal base of creamy chocolate bronze
Dale Tiffany TT90429 Tiffany Table Lamp, Antique Bronze Verde Green and Art Glass Shade
  • Dale Tiffany is a world-renowned manufacturer of fine glass lighting and home decor in the tradition of Louis Comfort Tiffany
  • Item measures 16-Inch x 25.75-Inch
  • Beautiful Antique Bronze Verde Green Finish And Art Glass Shade
Dale Tiffany TT101033 Bellas Table Lamp, 16" x 16" x 25.5", Bronze
  • 500 pieces of art glass in gorgeous shades of amber, greens, red, blue and brown
  • Beautifully sculpted base in a Weatherford finish
  • Excellent choice on larger nightstands
Springdale by Dale Tiffany STB17112 Pansy Hand Painted Buffet Lamp
  • Beautiful metal fieldstone base
  • Handle painted art glass shade
  • Features a on off socket and turn knob switch
Dale Tiffany TA90191 Hunter Mica Accent Lamp, Antique Bronze and Mica Shade 16.00x10.00x10.00
  • The package weight of the product is 6.30081144796 pounds
  • The package length of the product is 18.3858267529 inches
  • The package width of the product is 14.4881889616 inches

A Light to Read By

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The dale tiffany floor lamps are a perfect fit next to a reading chair or couch. You can place these floor lamps throughout your spaces to add a touch of romantic décor and old fashioned class.

Because these lamps are so meticulously designed and the artwork in the glass is skillfully created, you can expect to wow new visitors to your home with these lamps. A large floor lamp in the corner of a living room casts a glowing light that welcomes all.

The Nostalgia

For many, dale tiffany lamps hold a special place in their hearts. You may feel nostalgia when you see a tiffany lamp and think of a time at your grandparents’ home, where one of those lamps used to sit, or still does.

Having been around for many years, the company has filled thousands of homes with the colorful, glass lights. You may find yourself drawn to the feelings that these lamps give you, and you can enjoy that feeling everyday by bringing one of these artfully crafted lamps home.


The tiny, medium, and large versions of these stained glass, dale tiffany lamps are like elegant art pieces in any living space. If you want to light up your rooms with some color, you can find a design that suits your taste among the tiffany lamps.

#1 Elegant Style in Bronze

This is a truly amazing piece of light. All the models of Tiffany are characterized with a wide range of unique features that make these lamps known and loved all over the world. The forged elements of the stem are crowned with an elegant crystal of orange colour, while the natural pattern of the shade that is composed of over 100 pieces of glass shines with brightness.

Dale Tiffany TT101114 Boehme Table Lamp, Sand
  • Features 696 Pieces Of Glass In Lovely Earth Tones
  • Art Glass Jewels In Complementing Colors
  • Bold, Yet Graceful Iron Base In An Antique Golden Sand Finish

#2 Vintage Style Lamp

This lamp option is a stylish choice for the lovers of strictness. The brass color of the whole model metal construction is covered with strict lines which are predominating in the style of the item. The brown colors which are used for the creation of the shade are also appropriate looking in some elegant cabinet of a business man or a writer who requires a practical and fashionable light in his room.

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#3 Pyramid Head Strong Fundament

This pyramid shade is often titled the empire shade due to its imposing look and the air that it generates. People who are passionate about extraordinary and unusual lighting for table this amazing solution will benefit greatly from this option. You will surely enjoy the shape and the quality with which the item was designed by the skillful masters of Dale Tiffany company.

#4 Oval Shaded Mosaics

This charming light solution is modelled of an elegant stem that is performed of forged metal pillars which are curved in an exquisite style. The brushed bronze color is predominating in the whole item. The shade is performed in a perfectly symmetrical glass ornament with an incredible amount of pictures which are manually placed into the frame of the lamp. It will be an extraordinary solution for retro interiors.


Quoizel TF6660BB Tiffany Table Lamp Lighting, 2-Light, 150 Watts, Brushed Bullion (27"H x 16"W)
  • WEST END TABLE LAMP DIMENSIONS: 26.5" High x 16" Wide, Weight: 11.6 LBS
  • MEDIUM BASE LIGHT SOCKET: 2-75 Watt A19-Type Incandescent Bulbs, 150 Total Watts, Does Not Include Bulb(s); E26 Socket Compatible with Incandescent, CFL, Halogen or LED Bulbs Full Range Dimming when used with Dimmable Bulb and Dimmer Switch
  • INSTALLATION: On / Off Pull Chain and 8' Wire Included

#5 Ocean Pebble Inspired Lamp

The memories of the sweet summer time and ocean waves that are petting the pebbles are well reflected in this fine lamp. It will find a good place in your house and grant many moments of pleasure. The pebbles performed of art glass decorate the shade in the most elegant manner. The pedestal of the lamp is composed of metal branches on which you can see growing crystal leaves.


Dale Tiffany TA90228 Pebblestone Accent Table Lamp, Antique Golden Sand and Art Glass Shade
  • Dale Tiffany Is A World-Renowned Manufacturer Of Fine Glass Lighting And Home Decor In The Tradition Of Louis Comfort Tiffany
  • Item Measures 7.25-Inch X 15.25-Inch
  • Beautiful Antique Golden Sand Finish And Art Glass Shade

#6 Malta Tiffany Lamp

This extra elegant Tiffany lamp can boast with both strict geometrical elements and adorable flower patterns. The top of the shade is performed in strict rectangular squares of glass pieces of light glass for delivering a brighter light while the bottom of the lamp is designed in shape of flower garden on blue background. This artistic lamp will become an excellent addition to the interior of any kind.

Dale Tiffany TT10211 Malta Tiffany Table Lamp, Antique Bronze
  • Features A Resin Base With An Antique Bronze Finish
  • Includes A Hand Rolled Art Glass Shade
  • Features An On/Off Socket And A Pull Chain Switch

#7 Dragonfly Bedside Lamp

This blue night dragonfly lamp perfectly describes the little insects which are moving on the water surface under the cold blue moonlight. Each of the dragonflies is ornamentally placed near each other and decorated with red stones so that to describe the eyes in the most elegant way. The stem of the lamp is also richly decorated with the silhouettes of the little beings on azure background.

Dale Tiffany 8774 Red Dragonfly Accent Lamp, Bronze
34 Reviews
Dale Tiffany 8774 Red Dragonfly Accent Lamp, Bronze
  • Red dragonfly shade features blue dragonflies
  • Antique bronze base is decorated with little dragonflies
  • Intricately carved matching finial at the top of the shade

#8 Right near the Chair

The slim design of this lamp is something that is worth attention. The whole body of the lamp is performed of a slim carcass that seems almost weightless, but, in fact, the metal construction stands firmly on the ground. The level of forging is truly exquisite and the lamp’s shade is a real miniature masterpiece of art. The smallest pieces of glass were applied to receive maximum beauty result that will reflect the richness of past epoch.

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Dale Tiffany TF101115 Boehme Downbridge Floor Lamp, Antique Bronze/Sand and Art Glass Shade
  • Dale Tiffany Is A World-Renowned Manufacturer Of Fine Glass Lighting And Home Decor In The Tradition Of Louis Comfort Tiffany
  • Item Measures 18-Inch X 59.5-Inch
  • Beautiful Antique Bronze/Sand Finish And Art Glass Shade

#9 The Tree of Light

This flower patterned lamp is an excellent option for a table or some set of drawers with mirror on it. It will grant some light so that a woman could take care of her beauty while putting the make-up. The stem of the lamp is made in the shape of a spiral trunk of a tree in a realistic wooden color. This makes the composition of life tree complete and very realistic. The quality and superiority of Dale Tiffany lamps should never be underestimated.

Dale Tiffany TT60024 Tiffany/Mica Two Light Table Lamp from Markus Collection Finish, 16.00 inches, Antique Brass
  • Ideal for accent lighting in living rooms, offices, and more
  • Hand-crafted 16-inch glass shade
  • Requires two 60-watt bulbs

#10 Autumn Style Marshall Table Lamp

This lamp distributes a wide range of circles, triangles and smooth forging. This lamp inspires the beauty of autumn time. The honey colors that are predominating in the interior make this lighting device extra comfortable and warm. The dragonfly that is the symbol of Dale Tiffany lamps is put right in the middle of the item by means of heart shaped metal construction.

Dale Tiffany TT70699 Tiffany/Mica Two Light Table Lamp from Valencia Collection in Brass Finish, 17.00 inches, Antique Bronze
  • Country Of Origin: China
  • Model Number: TT70699
  • Item Package Dimension: 17.0" L x 24.0" W x 17.0" H

#11 Slim Look of Classics

This minimalistic lamp is totally different from the standard options that are available for acquisition. The classic Tiffany style look makes this model so special. The model is done in an imperial dark bronze color with a gorgeous colorful shade that was created from 332 hand cut pieces of glass. The floral theme is dominant in this lovely item and will offer the feeling of comfort and coziness.

#12 Dale Tiffany Unique Products

Dale Tiffany Lamp Company became the trend creators in the technology of stained glass lamps. Every year they craft hundreds of lamps of the best quality. There are solutions for all types of interiors and each item is a real masterpiece of art that would be hard to ignore. Here is a lovely set of glass lamp twins: one is for on the floor use, while the smaller is for a desk top. Each of them looks unsurpassable in its elegance and style.

Dale Tiffany TC11174 Green Leaves Table Lamp and Torchiere Lamp Set, Antique Bronze and Verde
  • Includes striking torchiere lamp and table lamp
  • Depicts cherry tree against creamy background with amber panels
  • Simple base elegantly finished in antique Verde brown

#13 Warm and Inviting Lamp

This lamp is radiating with warmth. The sunny bright pieces of glass are well combined with dark metal elements. The crystals which surround the flower of the shade have a strong resemblance with amber treasure stone. The full combination of all the elements of the details makes it perfect for indoor use in order to add some coziness. Such a table lamp will surely come to your liking.

#14 Accent on Lines

This Tiffany lamp has got a fine accent on the strictness of lines. Such a model will be a nice solution for complementing a private cabinet or an office. The triangle shade is traditionally performed of 64 pieces of glasses and that is a characteristic feature of the series. The geometry of the metal frame enhances the light of bulb making it even more attractive and amazing.

#15 Double Functioning Lamp

This lamp is one of those rare situations when beauty meets functionalism. This lamp, in fact, will be able to perform three functions in your house. It grants a bright light through the top shade that will eliminate all the shadows around. The small lamp will be a comfortable adjustable light for both reading and sewing. Finally, this will become an excellent decorative attribute of any room in your house.

#16 Americana Style Lamp

With this simple model, you’ll be capable of bringing the element of American style to your interior décor. This is a minimalistic option where the lack of details is the best feature of the item. The slim thin pole with a massive pedestal for extra balance is crowned with an attractive shade that is composed of 80 elements and covered with bronze color. It would look awesome regardless of the place where it will be put.

#17 Pebble Stone Hand Crafted

This glass pendant lamp will become an extra lighting element for those people who desire extra warmth in their interiors. The combinations of glass elements with pebbles appear to be a winning designer solution. All the colors are well balanced and combinable. The chain on which the lamp hangs is the final touch that makes the composition of a nature made lamp amazing.

#18 Perfect Lamp for Reading

Such a lamp will definitely assist the person in jumping into the ocean of letters allowing the world of literature engulf him or her. This floor lamp will grant a portion of decent light while sitting in the favorite arm chair or lying on the couch. The natural motives which are used in this lamp with leaves create some extra comfort during the exploitation. Glass pieces which are used for the shade make the light softer and warmer.

#19 Warm Light

This Derby collection Tiffany lamp will present you a lot of hours spent with comfort under beautiful warm light. The cone form of the shade is made of several big pieces of stained glass and a lot of miniature ones for a greater attractiveness. The massive pedestal that was elaborately carved guarantees the stability of the item on any surface. This would be a fantastic choice for almost any type of interior.

dale tiffany lamps photo - 1

#20 Sea Inspired Beige Lamp

Here is another popular table solution from the series of popular Dale Tiffany lamps. Each of the lamps from the collection usually gets some inspiration from nature and is greatly appreciated for an exquisite style and refined taste. This simple lamp was inspired by the pebbles which can easily be found on the shores of oceans, seas and rivers. They will be a fine reminder of nature’s beauty and the ability to bring everything to perfection.

dale tiffany lamps photo - 2

#21 Tall Torch Light Lamp

Tiffany lamps are not only about table solutions. There is a wide variety of wall mountable and floor solutions. If you are interested in adding a new touch of freshness to your design, this option would be a nice idea. The model introduces a tall one bulb light solution in an amazing crystal shade. The maximal capacity of the lamp is 150W. The light that this lamp creates will not cause any discomfort to the eyes.

dale tiffany lamps photo - 4

#22 Marshall Art Glass

This lamp will emit romantic mood to everyone who looks at it. The heart shaped metal construction shows the warmth and love. The metal is colored into bronze hues with stylish dragonflies inside. The glass shade that is made in a style that is characteristic of Dale Tiffany consists of 230 glass elements which form an intricate mosaics that is so pleasant to the eyes.

dale tiffany lamps photo - 5

#23 Magical Tree

If you are searching for an iconic representative of Tiffany lamps, this Wisteria model will be the one that you need. The model is truly a special one. This magical tree is composed of over two thousands of pieces of handmade glass which were selected to perfectly match the neighboring ones by shape and color. When the light is turned on the item sparks with brilliance as if it was made of the jewelry stones.

dale tiffany lamps photo - 6

#24 Glass Dale Tiffany Lamp with Drums

Smokey transparent glass with a lovely carving on the surface of the item makes this device a very pleasant looking option for decoration of the interior. The elegance of the item can be traced in each part of the stem, body and the shade. The striking appearance of the model will fascinate the people who are crazy about luxurious retro style lamps which quality is an undisputable subject.

dale tiffany lamps photo - 7

#25 Art Nouveau Glass Lamp

This model was probably inspired by a famous glass master who was skilled in work with Bohemian French glass. Can you imagine that 696 pieces of colored crystals were manually carved in order to make this adorable item? The colorfulness of the device is finely complemented with the classic chic look that will be greatly appreciated with the fans of modern art from all over the world.

dale tiffany lamps photo - 9

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