Lightning lamp – add amazing light to your room

Lighting makes or breaks a decorating scheme. The right lights put the focus right where you want it, allow you to enjoy your space and do a variety of different activities. The wrong lights just add glare.

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There are three major types of lightning lamps used in rooms: pendant lamps, floor lamps and table lamps. The type of lighting lamp you choose depends a lot on the space you’re going to be illuminating.

As a general rule, pendant lights are design features, floor lamps provide room-wide lighting, and table lamps are intended for a specific area within a room.

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Mix of lamps helps to create the look you want. Lightning lamp looks great when used to set off a specific area, like a breakfast nook or dining area in an open plan.

Floor lamps work in the edges of the room or on both sides of a central piece of furniture. Table lamps can help create cozy spaces. The lighting lamp design you choose should work with your architecture and decorating style. Choose a design that will create cohesion without exact matching Finishes.

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