Adding Beauty and Style to Your Home Décor With Dresden Lamps

Gone are the days when home lamps were designed just for the purpose of illumination. Today, home décor lamps serve both as sources of light and pieces of decoration. Dresden lamps are designed for just that purpose.

They are functional, they provide sufficient lighting, are low energy consumers, and most importantly they add style and grace to your home. Your home décor is far from complete without adding some fancy lighting and lamps. Even fans used in homes have become decorative works of art.

How Dresden lamps add style to your home

Dresden lamps are vintage lamps available in various shapes, sizes, and colors. There are hanging lamps, table lamps, and even antique lamps. A Dresden lamp is truly a work of art.

Made from porcelain, they are usually shaped as figurines and then beautifully hand painted. Some of these lamps have even become collector items.


The history of Dresden lamps can be traced far back to the early 1900s in Germany. Till date, they have remained in fashion, because of their high quality and value.

If you are a person who values unique style and taste, then you definitely should spice up your home décor with a Dresden lamp or two.

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