Bong lamp – the magnificence of enlightened hued glass

If you welcome the magnificence of enlightened hued glass then a bong lamp is what you’re searching for. The dynamic shades of the recolored glass sparkling in an obscured room are hypnotizing to the eyes of the onlooker.

The light erupting from bong lamp is so serious, you wind up addressing how such a little light can cause such force of light! Bong lamp makes an emotional impact to any room.

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The style

Bong lamp is built from hand cut, cleaned and formed bits of recolored workmanship glass. Copper thwart is wrapped around each bit of glass, stuck together at that point fastened with lead. You may watch a few lines, seeds or rises in the glass… these aren’t deserts, but the normal excellence of the glass.

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Many varieties

There are so many present days recolored glass lamps around but nothing can beat the artfulness of bong lamp, which are in their very own association. It’s very easing to know one can bong lamps in practically every unique style and color.

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