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Imagine how pendant lighting fixtures in attractive designs can transform your teen’s space. Pendant lights offer focused lighting that makes them excellent as task lighting to be placed over your teen’s study desk. For a large room, you could consider creating separate zones within the room with a series of pendants to define separate spaces.

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Glass floor lamps made today are very sturdy and durable. Built with high-quality materials, these glass floor lamps not only feature a brilliant construction but also have a robust body.

These functional pieces also come with a strong central pole that is joined to the base to support the entire lamp, ensuring it doesn’t wobble or fall quickly.

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Adjustable Brightness

Glass floor lamps often come with a dimmer button. This makes it easier to adjust the brightness of its bulb. Fluorescent lighting can also cause strain on the eyes as the light coming from the fluorescent light is spread in an upward direction while the light from a floor lamp spreads downward. This feature is also beneficial in reducing eye strain while studying, reading or watching TV.

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Attractive Styles and Patterns

The best feature of glass floor lamps is the broad range of styles and shades they are available in. You could go for a floor lamp in a simple shade in a solid color or choose a patterned shade that will bring life to plain walls. The variations can be clubbed in plenty of ways to come up with a new look every time so don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and various styles!

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