Tiffany lamps – when home gets a columbian touch

Tiffany lamps are those kinds of lamps which have a shade made of glass. The glass shade is designed beautifully. It is manufactured by Louis Comfort Tiffany and his design studio. The most famous is stained leaded glass.


It all started around 1895. The tiffany lamps weren’t as popular. Their first business venture was in interior deaigning in new york. They gained success after the worlds columbian exposition in chicago.

Here it displayed its lamps and caught eyes of many natable persons.


The tiffany lamp is made in the following way:

  1. first the design is traced on a cardboad
  2. then it is numbered and colour labled
  3. then the glass is laid over it and traced
  4. then the glass is cut into shape
  5. then pieces are cleaned
  6. copper foil is applied to the edges
  7. then pieces are brought together, soldered and cleaned.


This was how a tiffany lamp is made. I hope you enjoyed the article enough to be convinced to buy one and place the decorative piece in the center of your homes.

I am sure your home is going to get a trendy and columbian touch with this lamp.

tiffany lamps photo - 1
tiffany lamps photo - 2
tiffany lamps photo - 4
tiffany lamps photo - 5
tiffany lamps photo - 6

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