Unique ceiling fans – 20 variety of styles and types

Do you want to adorn your beautiful office, bedroom or kitchen to reflect your design idea? Unique ceiling fans come in a variety of styles and types and are the perfect adornment for your room. For your modern home, you can incorporate a small unique ceiling fan as it will serve as a perfect replacement for the rustic fan types we are used to. One major advantage they have is that they are sleekly designed, petite and can be hung from a rod, flush mount and at that still occupy the least space as they continue being very effective in serving their purpose.

Unique ceiling fans with lights

Another lovely choice for your room would be unique ceiling fans with lights. They are perfect for your room because some come with music features and also great for your kitchen as they are finished nicely with brushed nickel or brass to perfectly match with your kitchen appliances. Unique ceiling fans with lights will also go a long way in exposing the rare trinkets, fancy paintings, and other displays that one could easily miss.

Exotic designs

Unique ceiling fans with lights will easily wow your guests with their exotic designs as they will provide a focal point in your living room or office. Believe me when I tell you that these unique ceiling fans are the missing piece of the puzzle to meeting all your décor needs.

Bring out your personality

The unique ceiling fans in the market right now are made in the latest technology; from unique ceiling fans with light, music, automatic on and off, to automatic balance, the tech is just awesome. These pieces of art have been built to bring out your personality. Finding the right one that suits you will go a long way in adding comfort and style to your room. Just make an informed decision and take your pick.

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#1 Naturally Made Fan

This extremely fashionable ceiling fan is characterized of a better compatibility with more powerful lamps as one is capable to place a 100 watts lamp that will grant plenty of bright light to the whole room. The design of the metal frame is performed of a rustic metal as if to match modern industrial style. The blades are performed of natural bamboo material that is better in granting fresh air to the surrounding.
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#2 Unexpected Shape

The model of this type is totally different from the standard fans. It introduces us a new technology of manufacturing blades – the acrylic bent-sheet wings. They are extremely light, but at the same time no durability was sacrificed. The specific shape will be capable to produce a lot of fresh air instantly with a lesser level of energy consumption. The unique design will be capable to transform the look of the room instantly.
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#3 Blowing Monster

This air blowing monstrosity is a real champion when it comes to offering a decent amount of fresh air during the hottest seasons. This is a real modern masterpiece of fan technologies. It can be controlled remotely by means of a special control and you will be able to select the angle of the blowing, the intensiveness and even turn on and off 100W light. This is an awesome alternative for contemporary conditioners.
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#4 Stylishly Forged Fan

This oil rubbed bronze ceiling fan is a universal solution for both industrial and classic designer solutions. The item is composed of a powerful three speed fan that can be turned forward and reverse and two 40W bulbs that are usually included to grant decent light. This would be an attractive forged decoration for any room that needs some fresh air.
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#5 Slim Aerodynamics Design

The slim Emerson fans are characterised with the usage of the newest materials that correspond the laws of aerodynamics for a greater effectiveness of the air flow. The construction of the fan applies extremely light material that assists in lowering the level of energy consumption. For all people who are passionate about modern architecture this fan would be a wonderful gift.
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#6 Manipulate the Wind

The place of this fan is right above your head in the largest room of your house. The item is designed with some additional durability to withstand humid premises. It is possible to adjust the fans under the most air blowing manner with 180 degree angle of turning. An overall item is made of metal that is covered with a durable galvanized undercoat. The modification with lamps will be double as useful.
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#7 Slim Wings Fan

If you wish some strong breeze in your room with an attractive minimalistic design, this Gilera fan would be a wonderful idea for acquisition. The slim design of the blades together with a smaller engine immediately creates a sophisticated look in a premise of almost any size. With relatively lower energy consumption, it provides an excellent fresh breeze.
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#8 The Monster of Bronze

If you want a powerful fan, but need an appropriate design, this giant bronze blower will become your best assistant. This fan will grant a full control over fresh air within the premise. It was specifically designed for classic premises. It will give you a touch of luxurious bronze with a natural ornament. The fan is modified with a lamp and a frosted glass shade for a romantic light.
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#9 Take a Breath of Fresh Air

Among a variety of modern fans, this model can be considered a premier model. It is known for an elaborate design of the blades that are performed of a nautical canvas. A galvanized protection grants additional defence against increased humidity. The wide wings of additional width are perfect for controlling large volumes of air. It’s an excellent modern design item.
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#10 Double Winged Classics

Here’s a 52” double bladed ceiling fan. The model that you can see here is made of shining brushed nickel that is accompanied with an opal glass shade. There are two things that should be stated about this item: it is extremely miniature and energy saving for acquiring maximal productivity. If you are lacking space or do not wish a large machine on the ceiling, this cutie would be the best choice.


#11 Dual Controlled Fans

Bronze colour is always in trend. This model of fan perfectly demonstrates that. It is covered with sparkling bronze and it is really hard to avert one’s eyes from this item. This is a perfect interior element that is capable not only to grant fresh air, but also serve as a marvellous designer element of the room decorated in some peculiar style.


#12 Miniature Ventilation System

This model managed to change a general opinion about ceiling fans. As you can see there are no blades visible. It looks like a pretty ornamented lamp. However, the lamp is concentrated only at the outer circle; the inner circle is made of a special ventilation system that is capable of offering a relatively large amount of fresh air that will be enough for dealing with hot seasons.


#13 Fancy Design

Those people who are passionate about antiquity items will be charmed with this gyro Belcaro fan. It provides the owner with a graceful forging work and top level productivity. All the details are cast of stainless steel and are of the greatest durability. The fans can be rotated at 360 degrees that is truly useful when you need to get an angle for effective air transportation.


#14 Blowing Tree Design

This model of the fan is designed in a shape of some magic tree. As you look closer at it you will see that the frame of the fan is made in a form of a tree branch and the fans are introduced as giant leaves with a special rubber coating that is very effective for fast air blowing. Each blade can be adjusted manually for the best angle of output.

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#15 Size Doesn’t Matter

This fan can boast with not only an elegant and swift design, but also with an unusual for this size productivity. It is capable to blow 5024 cu ft of fresh air within a minute with only 65 watts of usage. The light is equipped with a dimmer so that you could control the brightness of the lamp. If you need a stylish natural designed fan, it would be an awesome decoration.


#16 For Big Rooms

When it comes to providing a decent amount of air, this giant machine would be a good variant for air conditioning. It is fully operable with a remote, so you won’t even have to stand up and do anything. Just point at the device and gain a full control over it and acquire comfort even during the hottest summers. The bronze design is something that will be suitable for some industrial decorated premises.


#17 Smart Look for Low Ceilings

If your soul is wishing some classical design, this fan would be a decent variant if compared to other models. It combines a classical five blade fan with a forged lamp with a natural ornament. The Concord Company is known for top quality refreshing products. The durability and style are perfectly matched with an affordable price.


#18 Parallel to the Floor

The Palisade fan is something that will remind you of the tropics. It is still a top selling item that is made of natural material and will look exceptionally gorgeous on the patio during a hot day, while you will be sitting in your favourite armchair drinking some milkshake. It can also be placed in the rooms with high ceilings as the fan requires some decent spot.


#19 Broad Winged Blower

If you are searching for an attractive fan to decorate your bedroom, this model would be an excellent designer idea. It offers a stylish glossy decoration with a special light reflecting cover. If you already have some lighting in the room, it will enhance it even more making it shine as during a day time.


#20 Silver Style Modern Fan

This silver style fan is equipped with a stylish opal tinted glass that can be used with various lamps up to 100W potency. This is a universally designed item that is created for all types of premises and is operated with a simple remote control. The diameter of the fans allows giving fresh air to relatively large territory of the room.

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