Shabby chic ceiling fans – 10 tips for buyers

Below are things to look at when buying shabby chic ceiling fans.

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The clean lines can add a bit of elegance and catchy flair to any room. If you want to stick to the classic look, you can go for wooden fans in some solid color but with minimum ornamentation.

These fans can have 4-5 blades that can make them more powerful functionally too. Then you can select shabby chic ceiling fans with lighting that can make your room look more romantic and sophisticated.

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Choose a fan that allows a dual direction for use in both cold and warm climates. In such fans, you can alter the direction of the blades so that they will help cool or warm a room as and when required.

For ceilings that are at more height, and rooms that are too large, choose shabby chic ceiling fans having more numbers of blades as they will have to blow the wind across the room.

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