Lava lamp sizes – 16 color combinations you could possibly want

If you’re looking to buy a lava lamp and need some more information, you’re in the right place. There are all kinds of lava lamp sizes out there, from big to small, and they all come with different lava lamp bulb size as well.

You can certainly find a range of colors, designs, and body designs as well. HeightAs far as height is concerned, the most common range of lava lamps is from about 14 inches tall to 28 inches tall. There are others both bigger and smaller, but this is the most common range that you will find for lava lamp sizes.

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Combination of colors

These lamps come in any color or combination of colors you could possibly want. Lava lamp sizes also have a range of body shapes and designs from the classic body to cylinders, to pointier bodies. Some places even offer the option to design your own lamp. The choice is truly your own.

Bulb SizeThe most common bulb for lava lamps is the 25 watt incandescent screw in light bulb, a very common size used almost across the board so that they are easy to replace. This bulb has a low power draw and creates just enough heat to power the lamp.

This bulb also offers a safety factor since it is such a small bulb, making this a very safe option.

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This can be found almost anywhere, that way if your bulb goes out, you can have your lamp fixes in no time.As you can see, lava lamps really do come in every design you can imagine, leaving you with the ability to pick and choose the exact color set, size, and design for you.

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Whether you want a crazy futuristic design, or want to chill out with one of the classics, you’ll be able to find the perfect Lava lamp sizes wherever you happen to look.

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