Usb port lamp – the primary source of power with elegant look

#1 Classic Looking USB Lamp

Although this item looks like a standard lamp, in fact its primary source of power can be activated via standard USB. The LED bulb that is placed inside the lamp is extremely energy saving so it can be turned on via standard PC port that is only 3V powerful. Those people who come to visit you will think that this is a standard desk lamp.You’ll surprise them with the information that it works on your laptop or PC energy.

#2 Modern Style Futuristic Lamp

This modern style lamp will look very stylish on your table. Just connect it to your USB port and it becomes ready to illuminate the whole room. The metal construction is specifically designed to prevent turning and falling. The glass is specifically forged to become extra durable and grant effective diffusion of the light to combine decent amount of light together with low energy consumption level.

#3 Geometrical Style PC Chargeable Lamp

These perfect arched geometrical figures were designed to create this wonderful lamp. The item is performed in a modern style and would look splendid in any futuristic rooms. It was made out of stainless steel the quality of which should not be underestimated. The lamp consists of 12 small diodes and grants 1200 lumens of bright white light that is very comfortable for reading, because diodes do not produce flickering as luminescent lamps do.

#4 2-in-1 USB Lamp

This ceramic lamp can be powered from a standard plug or a USB cable. It will be an excellent lamp for your bedside table as it can be plugged into the source of energy and additional alternative source of energy port can be used to charge your mobile phone without occupying the plug that is needed for light.

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#5 Cute Shining Fellow

The cute glowing fellow is in fact a nice USB lamp that works on the energy of your USB port. It is very useful, when you want to work on your PC without turning on any ceiling light. The USB Lamp provides an appropriate amount of light for comfortable typing, reading and writing. The diodes promise to work for several decades due to their low temperature of operability.

usb port lamp photo - 3

#6 Lighting Snake Fora Laptop

This comfortable lamp would become extremely useful, if you prefer to type in a complete darkness. Are you a writer?! Just connect the lamp to the USB port et voila, here is the light. Thirteen powerful lamps will cast light on your keyboard and make typing and reading as comfortable as during broad daylight. As it is obvious from the source of energy the lamp does not consume too much energy.

usb port lamp photo - 4

#7 Unusual Solution for a Desk

All students use their gadgets day and night but their batteries are not eternal and need constant recharging. Such a lamp would be a perfect present for a person,who regularly charges his or her devices. This lamp does not only give light but it has got two USB ports for double charging of your gadgets and the light that is given by the lamp is bright enough fora productive labour.

usb port lamp photo - 5

#8 Dimmable Black Luxury Lamp

The black is always in trend. Such LED lamps have become extremely popular among people. They are easily adjustable for effective angle of light diffusion. The lamp grants light by means of energy saving LED lamps with a total of 1800 Lumens of light. However, that is not the end: the brightness of the lamp can be controlled with a special sensor. There is also a separate USB port to charge your favourite devices from.

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usb port lamp photo - 7

#9 A Universal Control Lamp

This lamp is now referred to as smart lamp due to its special functions. It has got several modes of light designated for specific purposes: reading, writing, watching movies etc. You can also adjust the brightness of the lamp on your own together with a proper angle of light that is required. A special doc station for charging mobile devices is also among other benefits of this clever gadget.

usb port lamp photo - 8

#10 Minimalistic Style Lamp

This cute lamp is a practical solution for those people who prefer minimalistic design in all pieces of furniture. White color is combinable with all colors and overall design is very attractive. The item has a special USB port to charge gadgets and the lamp itself can be turned on via your computer.

usb port lamp photo - 9


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