How to wire lamp – full guide

How to wire lamp? Materials that you will need are a traditional lantern (or whatever you want to turn into a lamp) A lantern cabling equipment. A sizeable Screw driver tool for hole.


Break down your lantern and remove the harp. Unravel on/off handle until it’s free. Unravel the lantern socket Pull it separately to get way in to the wires. Take off the cable connections and draw off the socket cap.
Draw the cable away all the way through the support of the lantern. Yarn the original cable in extras up through the bottom to the peak. Slide on the original collar and twist firmly. Slide the support of the lantern onto the nipple. Twist the original socket cap into position.

What you need to do

Bind an underwriter’s loop in the cable. Join the wires to the terminal. Twist the wire with the edge or tinted band join to the silver twist. Pop the original socket on peak of the cap and push downward until you hear it shatter into set.
Position the original harp, twist in a glowing bulb, adjoin backside of the dimness and plug in your lantern.

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