Very bright floor lamp – 10 ways to add elegance to the interior of your living room

#1 Uncommon Floor Lamp

Consider this beautiful and uncommon floor lamp. Its shape is pretty original and it will surely satisfy the needs of the most hypercritical aesthetes. If you really wish to add uniqueness to your interior, this is your best option. It is high and thus, it can illuminate a vast area of any of your rooms.

#2 Elegant Floor Lamp

What about adding some elegance to the interior of your living room or bedroom? With this elegant contemporary floor lamp, you can actually do this. This is a nice steel torchiere and its sleek look is capable of beautifying any room. Your visitors will be definitely impressed looking at this beauty.

#3 White Floor Lamp

At first glance, you will nothing but a simple white floor lamp. Nonetheless, everything simple is genius. Considering its shape, classical color and length you will find several advantages for your house. It can easily fit any designer’s decisions. It will never contrast with other elements of décor.

#4 Steel Floor Lamp

This is another pretty simple but at the same time, attractive floor lamp made from steel. It can perfectly suit all the modern tendencies of the house interior. It will be practically invisible in a room. Nevertheless, it will be that illusive detail of an interior, which would add uniqueness to any room.

#5 A Tripod Lamp

Just look at this interesting version of a floor lamp. The first thing that occurs to the mind while looking at this unique lamp is that this is a flashlight. Well, it actually is shaped like a real flashlight. Placing it in one of your rooms, it would appear as if you have returned to the golden age of cinema.

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#6 Led Standing Lamps

This is a creative floor lamp. It creates simultaneously softened and highlighted the appearance of your room. Placing one or even two of these high columns of light, you will also create some kind of mystery, as the produced light is a bit strange. Nonetheless, it is attractive and magnetizing as well.

very bright floor lamp photo - 1

#7 Beautiful Floor Torchiere

This nice floor torchiere is an advantage for any host because it can slightly suit any interior. While other kinds may simply be a common part of an interior, this variant can even improve the general appearance of a room. It is elegant and plushy. Such element of décor is a tremendous benefit for anybody.

very bright floor lamp photo - 3

#8 Stylish Floor Lamp

What about this very floor lamp? Its appearance is very gentle and elegant. It will perfectly fit the harmonious design. In the occasion, you prefer a strict design but wish to soften it just a bit, this floor lamp will be the missing part. It looks great in a work or living space thanks to its amazing style.

very bright floor lamp photo - 4

#9 Sensor Floor Lamp

Make a note about this nice-looking floor lamp. It is a sensor and very intelligent. With a single touch you can turn it on or off. In addition, you will be able to adjust the brightness of the light from low to medium and high. Its small size likewise gives a possibility to place it on a night-table near your bed.

very bright floor lamp photo - 7

#10 An Adjustable Lamp

Under the condition, you require a movable lighting try this floor lamp. It is rethought and refined. The lamp provides you with several advantages. Firstly, it is nor heavy and you can move it whenever you wish without an effort. Secondly, its arm is high enough. Thirdly, it is simple and attractive.

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