Get the feeling of old times with Art deco lamps

Some dash of history is perfect with art deco lamps. Not only they look stylish, but they also bring an artistic value to your interior. The stories of past times are always interesting and that is the case with any art deco lamp story.

If you are looking for some great ideas about interior design, look no further, because has everything you need about art deco lamps and any other kind of lightning.

What is so special about art deco lamp?

It is stylish and very unique. Therefore, many vintage collectors want this piece of history. They recall the period of 1920’s and 1930’s, because this is the period of their huge popularity all over the world.

The special place is reserved for art deco floor lamp with different details. Floor lamps are usually bigger than others and this is visible from the first sight. It is no different with special lamps like this one.

People usually decide to buy art deco floor lamp with intention to decorate the room in a specific way.


Small iron parts, interesting shapes and strong base are all characteristics of art deco lamps. They come in different variations, but one thing is common for all of them. An authentic impression of old times.

If you are a lover of these old times, you will certainly love art deco lamps. They perfectly remind of the days when the style was unique and the interior was classy.

Huge rooms, heavy furniture and art deco lams are a perfect picture of that period.

Last word

Choose the lamp that will bring a specific elegance to your room. You will never go wrong with classic art deco lamp, because this style resists the time. Your home will definitely look sophisticated with this detail.

Choose your perfect lamp and get the piece of long-lasting beauty.

#1 Strict Geometry of Lamps

While searching for an art deco lamp it can be really hard to find a model with strict geometrical shapes and balanced proportions. Among many items this lamp possesses unique retro fleur and wonderful lines which attract eyes. Its metal construction will look awesome on any table. The item is made of pure iron and is totally handmade, so each lamp would be surely unique.

#2 Mirror Lamp

This lamp will look nice on some bed side table or near some fashionable mirror. If you need some light to enlighten your image, this lamp will definitely do a good job. The design is introduced by a combination of triangles made of glass. It creates a stylish mirror effect enhancing the light coming from above. The shade is made of natural fiber that makes the lamp even more charming.

#3 Table Top Skyscraper

For those people who adore reading this Tiffany style lamp will be a wonderful gift. Its overall design has a slight resemblance to the Empire State Building. The color would match the rooms painted both light for additional contrast and dark to correspond a general look of the room. Mosaic amber inserts in the shade also look appealing.

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#4 Black and White Lamp

For adorers of old style furniture and accessories the lamps of this type would be a wonderful acquisition. Art deco lamps are greatly appraised by people due to the history they remind. This stylish lamp looks really adorable. The combination of black and white colors is somewhat that must be mentioned about. The shade is decorated with a nice geometrical ornament.

#5 Pillar Lamp

For real gourmets of light this torchier light would be an excellent addition to the interior. The lamp looks like a pillar of light that creates a dramatic effect on the surrounding room by casting mysterious shadows around. This ambient light will serve as excellent item for reading or peaceful slumbering in penumbra.

#6 Art Deco Candles

Art deco lamps will never stop to astonish people. These lamps look like some kind of weird futuristic candles dressed in armor. Put them on the table and turn them on. The shaded light is perfect for reading and any type of creative work where you need shadows to stimulate your imagination. There is no need to worry about the quality of the items: both metal and plastic parts make the goods both durable and fashionable.

#7 Stylish Mosaics

The lamp of this type is the combination of elegance and style. This pyramid art deco lamp is something that people want to add as unusual elements to their dwellings. The element of colorful mosaics forged into a stainless steel framework make it really beautiful. Put the lamp on the table and turn it on and you’ll instantly become the fan of art deco style.

#8 Marble Torch

These torches, made of marble, are perfect reminders of early 20’s French art style. The carving of magical flowers on the surface and a trumpet shape of the lamp is really something awesome. The iron cast stem of the lamp provides the stability. The veins of ages virtually flow through the texture of this fascinating crafting of the human thought. Due to universal color it can be compatible with any design.

#9 Classical Desktop Lamp

Just imagine this lamp standing on the desk of some writer and the person sitting in a comfortable arm chair working hard on the next creation. The item is made of cast iron and steel elements will serve for many years. The sleek design of such art deco option will definitely decorate some cabinet. Vintage is really always in trend.

#10 Chrome And Opal Lamp

The lamp of this style is a nice shiny chrome masterpiece that will come to liking of many people. The lamp has got a fine stepped chrome base and the shade is covered with a top quality opal flashing light that enhance all the light that comes through it. It can be rubbed with a soft wool cloth to add some additional glamour. This is an item for all times!

#11 Cubic Lamp

For the art lovers who prefer cubism modern art, this cube lamp will become an excellent asset to the geometrical interior. The cubic structure of this designer solution astonishes viewers for strict proportional geometrical figures which stand one above another. It really looks like some sort of a statue of a modern artist. The light is not too bright – perfect for relaxation.

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#12 Bamboo Style Lamp

The leg of this lamp is performed in a shape of a bamboo branch that looks very organic in this item. The chrome shade and stem are perfect addition to the unusual look of the item. These elements look like a strong power up for the lamp that will be turned on. It’s a splendid reading support tool that can placed on a table near an armchair or for a make-up if it is placed on a toilet table.

#13 Woman Statue Lamp

If you’re a fan of a classic Greek art, this lamp would be an excellent variant. The silhouette of a woman performed in an excellent classical style who holds a lamp in its arms. The woman is made of fine marble and plenty of attention was given to the details of the figure. The light will cast the shadow of a woman on the wall and it will look like alive in your interior.

#14 Ray Gun Lamp

Not many people have watched the series about space hero Flash Gordon. Those who saw it might have recognized the ray gun. It has got a fine chrome steel stem supported with fine iron rods. The frosted glass tube perfectly dissipates the light making it brighter. All types of lamps can be placed inside the tube to correspond the needs of the owner.

#15 The Breath of Old Times

The lovers of antique items can hardly withstand this beautiful natural source of light. The carving in the metal looks very effective and naturalistic in the item. The glass shade ornamented with natural glass mosaic will make the image of this item complete. It is truly a universal lamp that will be suitable for interiors which are currently popular among people.

#16 Big Brother Grants Light

This is a stylish art deco lamp that, regardless of its age, would look really stylish not only in some retro or classical interiors, but it would also look appropriate in some futuristic designed room or popular modern premise. The durability of this luminous fellow is provided with nickel plates which prevent the glass and lamp from being broken.

#17 Twin Style

Any lover of modern art would grant his voice in favor of this art deco inspired modern lamp. This lamp goes in pairs so they would be a great asset to somebody’s bedside tables. The material that is used for the stem and the frame of the lamp is a nickel-plated metal. The edged glass of crystal transparency decorates the shade of this luminous device.

#18 Lex Luther Lamp

This lamp resembles that lamp which stood on the table of Lex Luther from old Superman movie. It is a real chrome masterpiece of art. The metal has got a fine metal carving and the shade has a professional laser engraving. This futuristic looking lamp is just a right thing for a modern design.

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art deco lamps photo - 1

#19 Minimalistic Floor Lamp

This simple lamp performed in white and black is characteristic of strict shapes and simplicity. The overall impression of the item is a fine reserved piece of furniture that is combinable with most modern elements of décor. The steel body is mixed with laser engraved glass and this is a really winning combination.

art deco lamps photo - 2

#20 Reversed Pyramid

This retro pyramid wall mounted lamp is the one that could be found in the long corridors of old hotels. The rows of such lamps enlightened the way to the rooms of the visitors. This particular model has a brilliant designer pattern performed in black and white. The geometry of the overall item is also truly adorable for real admirers of geometrical art.

art deco lamps photo - 3

#21 Pyramid Lamp

This stylish lamp seems to be taken from some detective’s cabinet, where he was thinking over some insolvable case. The style of this lamp belongs to some 40s-50s noir period of time. The material for this lamp is quite standard – glass and metal, but the engravings on the surface and surrealistic picture on the shade compensate everything.

art deco lamps photo - 4

#22 Giant Lamp

When it comes to lighting, then this giant art deco chandelier will be an excellent option. This lighting installation will surely grant an unimaginable amount of brightness even to the darkest room. The lamp contains plenty of glass crystals which refract light and make it even more potent. This peculiar model is more applicable to some luxurious apartments with high ceiling due to the size of the lamp.

art deco lamps photo - 5

#23 Porcelain Cutie

There are plenty of lamps in art deco style and among many options this wall mounted lamp is quite a special representative of the style. The peculiarity of the item is the fine porcelain it is made of. The lamp would find a good place right above the bed. Pool the rope and turn it on and off. Reading in a bed has never been so comfortable and stylish before.

art deco lamps photo - 6

#24 Art Deco Ceiling Flower

This flower lamp above the ceiling, performed in art deco style would look very fashionable in any retro or modern style interior. The white color of the lamp makes it possible to install it in the rooms in Scandinavian style where white is the focal color. The material is a top quality tempered glass that is very effective when it comes to refracting the light.

art deco lamps photo - 7

#25 Eat and Get Some Light

The lamp of this kind is a real 2-in-1 lamp. The lamp itself is made in the shape of a cup and bowl. The item is made of pure metal and it perfectly mirrors the light due to bright chrome surface. Moreover, it has got a bowl, so one can put some cookies or sweets into it just in case. It will definitely look very organic in some modern style room.

art deco lamps photo - 8

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