Rotary lamp switch – Rotate to the correct light!

Lighting makes your home or office come alive and the correct illumination during the day or night does the trick. But choosing lamps is not only an esthetic choice, it’s also about quality and that means that you must also find the correct rotary lamp switch.

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Rotary lamp switch

With a rotary switch, your lamps have a very easy and fast way to select the circuit connection between several options. Works by rotation so you only have to place the switch in the position you need.

This technology became very popular at the beginning of television sets when you had to switch channels with a rotary switch. You can find this switch in lighting articles with multiple functions such as fans with lamps.

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3-way rotary lamp switch

This system is perfect for your fan, wall lights, ceiling lights or outdoor lights. The 3 way switch allows you to control different levels of light and different circuits all in one switch. You can go lighter or darker.

The 3 way rotary lamp switch is cheap and effective. Don’t leave your house decoration only to the lamp, the switch that comes with it is important too. With this option you have a great selection for desks, tables, antique lamps and fans.

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Rotary lamp dimmer switch

With the correct dimmer rotary lamp switch you’ll be able to control the brightness. If you don’t want to go from “on” to “off”, you just want a middle point, the dimmer switch allows you to do exactly that.

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Make a good use of a fashionable rotary dimmer to change the intensity of the light. Fade up or fade down as you wish.

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