Harley passing lamps giving for Safety and Modern Look

Want to give your motorcycle a modern look, Harley passing lamps are here for you.However, the lambs are not just for beauty and modern look you also need a good lighting for safety and comfort.

Harley passing lamps ensures your road is well light giving you the feeling of daylight while riding through the night.


Harley passing lamps come with a very beautiful features that is suitable for your motorcycle and lighting needs. The LED output ensures good road lighting enabling you to see the front and the sides of the road with its lens designed in a unique way for perfect lighting.

The LED lamps are white and brighter helping you cut through the night without bumping through unexpected dangers.

Save the energy

Its long lasting saving you more energy so u don’t have to worry about the hours you are going to spend on the road. Harley passing lamps are also easy to install you just need to connect your H4 socket and you get started.

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harley passing lamps photo - 3
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