Heat lamps for food – provide your food-service business with valuable advantages

It goes without saying that the majority if not all food-service businesses need and use a sort of food heating system. Heat lamps for food provide food-service businesses with valuable advantages.

While waiting for customers to order, it is only logical that the food stays at a stable temperature. On the other hand, heat lamps could be used to preserve buffets and keep them warm for customers. There is nothing better than serving a warm crispy delicious meal to a customer.

Restaurant heat lamps come in different types and sizes depending on their usage.

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Restaurant heat bulb-lamps

This type of heat lamps for food is fit for individual dishes and plates of food. One of the main qualities of this type of heat lamps is its aesthetic side. They are well designed to fit in your overall decor and style. They easily blend in with the other parts of the decor.

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Restaurant heat strip-lamps

This type of heat lamps for food on the other hand is fit for large quantities of food. Therefore, it’s mounting requires professional assistance. Heat Lamps offer flexible adjustments. They can be mounter in numerous places without hindering their functions. A mixture of performance combined with appearance, they can be both hanged on a ceiling or fixed on a wall.

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There is a range of heating lamps elements that determine the quality of the lamp.

  • Ceramic heating elements are widely used due to the large range of heat they cast.
  • Quartz heating elements are practical and widely used thanks to their ease of replacement and availability and their fast heating and cooling down ability.
  • Calrod heating elements are are quite economical and are warmer than bulb lamps while they offer less heat than ceramic elements.
  • Infrared heating elements are practical due to their ability to cast heat from a long distance. Therefore, they don’t need to be kept close to food.
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In brief, a heating lamp is an essential part and parcel of any food-service business. Their variety gives you a wide range of choice depending on your desired use.

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