Add Glamor to your home with Floor lamp chandelier

Your priorities when it comes to choosing lamps determine the upkeep of your home. The best handful tips most probably help in the combination of the floor lamp chandelier to uncover or disclose the outdoor and indoor beauty of the house.


Right designs and right colors promote the beauty of your home. Similarly, you need to pick the right colors offered by the designers. Chandelier floor lamps for better homes and gardens as well as crystal chandelier floor lamp arrives in a modern high polished chrome plated finish complementing its well-made iron frame.

These floor lamps come equipped with light holders that rest upon crystal beaded arms. You may place a 30-60 watt light bulb in each candle light to dramatically brighten the rooms in your home.

State of luxury

The chandelier floor lamps are designed to offer the state of luxury and conducive atmosphere for relaxation and rest. The home designs will probably help you to solve the riddle if you compare to your home. The beauty of the home is excellent when designs are carefully selected.

The floor lamps are an excellent solution for minimizing the clutter and maximizing the light. Besides the provision of the ample lights, floor lamps also serve as decorative elevate the feel of living rooms, entertaining areas in your home and bedrooms.

#1 Black Elegance

The floor lamp can look as amazing and gorgeous as a giant ceiling chandelier. The designers managed to place a giant portion of elegance of a big chandelier into a little shape. This floor chandelier radiates with the light of a black elegance. The moment you see it in real life, you’ll instantly become fascinated with it. Silver leg, textile dimmer and miniature lamps with an abundance of crystals will stun you.

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#2 Crystal Tree

This model introduces an attractive crystal tree that consists of three square shaped shades composed of miniature crystals which perform an awesome life enhancing function. The glass beads cross refract the rays of photons adding lots of sparks and glamour. The image is so light looking and has a strong resemblance with a real tree. The fixtures which hold the branches are very reliable and sturdy.


#3 Spherical Shape Chandelier

If you’re a fan of some extravagant decorations in the interior, this floor lamp would become an awesome asset to your designer collection. The item can be best characterized with slim shapes and minimalistic style. The intertwined sphere looks rather mysterious as if it was some sort of a magical gadget that can make the dreams come true. Let it make your designer dreams real.

#4 Vintage Style with Candle Like Lamps

The bohemian style in interior design is characterized with a wide use of gold in all elements of design. This is a design of royalty and richness. If you are a fan of such style, this lamp would be the thing that you need. It has been covered with a special carbon paint to make it look older and glossier. It bears a resemblance with the chandeliers that were present in the palace of Ludovico the Sun King.

#5 White Gorgeous Lamp

Luxurious floor lamps have become rather popular in these years. The chandelier floor lamps tend to serve not only as a source of light, but also as an attractive item that will improve the look of any premise. This model can drive attention thanks to the white shade with lurex thread that is sparkling every time the light gets onto it. There are four hands which are elaborately decorated with crystals. An awesome design assists in placing the lamp whenever you like.

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#6 Royal Crown Floor Chandelier

This attractive lamp that seems to be imprisoned into a spherical cage is made in form of some sort of a royal crown. The decorators tried to make a model that would look universal for both modern and classic styles. The lamp is producing a huge amount of light through the crystals which assist in energy saving without sacrificing of the brightness of the light.

floor lamp chandelier photo - 1

#7 One Foot Silky Shade Lamp

There are plenty of options of floor lamps with shades. This model is somewhat different from the standard models due to an awesome design that is similar to the large chandelier lamps that were somewhat minimized with a kind of magical ray. All the details of a large chandelier were preserved and made exquisitely attractive to match any type of decoration.

floor lamp chandelier photo - 2

#8 Slim and Elegant Chandelier

Floor lamps are very comfortable if you have no desire to stand up and go to the switch on the wall. There are thousands of models available for purchase, both simple and fancy looking ones. This model is not the simplest and, of course, not the most fantastic item. But still it is an excellent decoration that will find some place in the room of yours.

floor lamp chandelier photo - 3

#9 Three Legged Floor Chandelier

This lamp has got some extra vintage fleur. The stem is introduced by a wooden tripod that was elaborately carved by a craftsman. The shade was made specifically of half transparent fabric that slightly hides the light, but still preserves enough light for comfortable reading of watching a favourite TV program. The item is a good looking lamp in various types of premises, even in some restaurants.

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floor lamp chandelier photo - 4

#10 A Real Masterpiece

If you are searching for something exquisite and amazing that will stun people with beauty and style, this chandelier will appear an amazing purchase. The look of the interior would be totally changed with addition of such a luxurious item. This item can be called a state of art decoration of the interior. At first look it might seem that a giant chandelier was made smaller with a great attention to the details.

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