Non halogen lamp – 12 ways to add character to your home without losing your comfort and identity

Do you want to add character to your home without losing your comfort and identity? Are you looking for just the right amount of light, something that is not too bright that it hurts your eyes, or too dim that you struggle to look? Non halogen lamps are the best choice for you.

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Why Non Halogen Lamps?

Non halogen lamps are small and the heads can be adjusted quite easily according to the angle of lighting desired. One can choose a non halogen desk lamp based on their materials and colours.

Currently there is a wide range of desk lamps made from steel, to plastic to brushed zinc. The stands and heads could be coloured differently or painted the same colour to reflect your character or even motivate you to read so much more on your desk.

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Location and positioning

The non halogen lamps can be located in the study rooms, personal libraries or even in the bedrooms for convenience purposes. The arms can be elongated or shortened, and the heads positioned according to your seating arrangement.









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