Purple glass lamps – 25 tips for choosing

When you want to add elegant decor to home or office, purple glass lamps are a good choice. In an office where first impressions are critical to business, make sure the first thing clients see is class.

Customers will enter and know at once that you value quality.

Modern style

These products combine class and modern style with ancient ideals. Find modern materials brought together into forms that echo classical shapes of the past. Wrought iron, Grecian urns: these and other elements may call to mind examples of what it means to be exceptional.

Though not something the Greeks and Romans would have had, detachable parts are very convenient. Take stem and base away from the lamp portion. Restore purple glass lamp to the base without this extension to light lower or place this product on a table.


Unfinished triangles feature in the shapes of traditional-looking shades, but are also turned upside down. Another shape is the basin, an upturned semi-circle supported by thick vase-like structure or other graceful shape.

Choose an umbrella of painted glass or even a square set atop a sphere. These light coverings are made from paper, linen, leather silk and other materials to provide different effects.


As for the mounting fixtures, these are a whole other element so varied as to appeal to any customer in any setting. Finishes include antique purple glass table lamps for that touch of luxury.

Impress with antique resonances created by wrought iron and rust. Pull off a stunning presentation thanks to willow, maybe brushed steel formed into very simple or highly ornamental design.

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Last note

Your lights are controlled in a couple of ways. One is with a hidden switch, maybe offering three settings. Another uses a pull chain. Apart from setting light on and off, you can also establish a tone via colored shades.

Opt for the sunset and sunrise spectrum between orange and purple and imagine yourself outside on a warm evening or early morning.


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