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With the Bat Lamp, turn your room into a Bat Cave. Like a tall building in Gotham City, Batman will now use your table for watching over your room. When the light passes through the special logo marked on the shade of the Bat Lamp, you would really feel like sending off a Bat-signal for calling the Batman.

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The Bat Leg Lamp comes with a Batman leg modeled lamp stand, a 5-watt bulb, and a Batman logo-designed shade. You can light the lamp stand and the bulb separately or together. You can replace the 5-watt bulb with a 10-watt bulb, in case you want more light.

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Batman Leg Lamp is a perfect addition to your toddler’s room. They can sleep peacefully knowing that Batman is standing guard. Furthermore, the Batman Leg Lamp is also a fabulous gift to give to your buddies who are all a die-hard fan of the Batman.

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