Zebra lava lamp – stylish way for the upkeep for your home

Everyone loves their home looking stylish and neat. Whether it be by buying vintage furniture or by using different lighting styles in your house ;whatever your preferences are.

Zebra lava lamps are one of the ways to make your house stylish and give that extra touch of class we all are looking for. If you have your own lounge,room or studio apartment and love that rave lifestyle, well zebra lava lamps are for you.Simply because zebra lava lamps bring that spice to blacklights.

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Zebra lava lamps come with a variety of colors and designs. picking the right one out will definitely depend on the theme you are going for as long as it fits into your style preferences and does not end up throwing off your room.

If you have blacklight wall papers the better because the zebra lava lamps will just make them look way cooler.

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If you are using it in your room the best place to put your zebra lava lamps is by your bed side and if you have any blacklight wall papers let them be a bit far away from them just not to drown out the rest of your room.

If in a lounge zebra lava lamps are best beside the couch,at the corners of the room and will help your lounge have that relaxed feeling. If its in your studio apartment ,well on both sides of the bed is the best option but do not limit yourself, you can use zebra lava lamps wherever it will good.

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