Solar powered wall mounted lights – 19 Eco-friendly ways to light up your outdoor

When it comes to a more efficient energy saving and Eco-friendly way of lightening up your outdoor during the night, solar powered wall mounted light is your great solution. These lights can be installed on pathways, flowerbeds, gardens, swimming pools as well as on fences and doorways.

They bring out an ambient environment once darkness settle in as they light up the night sky. Solar powered wall lights are also known to give property owners a sense of security.

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How they operate

With or without direct sunlight, this type of lighting system is known to be quite efficient as it only requires to absorb sun rays. Using solar panels mounted on it, the sunlight absorbed is converted into electric energy that is then saved up in rechargeable batteries.

Solar powered wall mounted lights are luminous although the level of brightness produced vary each season for example during winter when sunlight is at its minimum their performance will be reduced therefore ensure that they are placed in areas where they will absorb maximum sunlight.

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Solar powered wall mounted lights are advantageous because they are heatproof, durable, waterproof and anti- corrosive hence are never damaged by weather changes.

These lights are also Eco friendly as they do not pollute the environment. They are also economical and energy sufficient due to the fact that they use a free and natural source of energy; sunlight produced by the sun.

Another great thing about them is that they require no power cord and are independent, having an automatic sensor that light up at dusk. With variety of shapes, functions, sizes and colors radiated when the lights are on, solar powered wall mounted lights can suite each client preference.

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From the above, energy saving, Eco-friendly and long lasting solar powered wall mounted lights are one of the most exquisite ways of brightening up your outdoor features such as unique plants, pathways, doorway, water bodies and borders.














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