The beauty of Fluorescent wall lights

Fluorescent wall lights are another option when it comes to lighting our houses. In our homes They are commonly used in the bathroom or outdoors for the yard. They are not only used in homes but also hotels and restaurants.


When installing fluorescent wall lights make sure that they are 60′ above floor level. If you are installing fluorescent wall lights along a long hallway, a general rule of thumb is that they should be 8′ to 10′ apart.

You can find all manufacturers of fluorescent wall lights and contact them directly on online websites like ArchiEXPO.They are also available on Amazon where the price ranges from $39 to $50.


You can also find some pretty amazing deals with free shipping for out-of-towners. Make sure you carefully do your research or contact a professional if you want to replace a burnt out tube.

Fluorescent wall lights add a beautiful touch to the room and also provide functionality.

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