Star wars wall light – 16 amazing ideas for your home

If you are fascinated by Disney and its superhero comics and films, Star Wars wall lights can be a perfect way to replicate the thrill they offer on paper or on screen in your rooms.

Imagine how interesting it can be when your lights flicker on and all you can see are faces like Darth Vader, Death Star, Kylo Ren, Major Organa, Jedi Master Yoda, Boba Fetta, Obi-Wan, and Jyn Erso among other Star Wars face. It certainly will be a sight worth a second look.

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Which rooms suit Star Wars wall lights?

If you’re thinking of creating a little Star Wars universe on your interior walls, you should consider having Star Wars wall lights in your living room or other rest areas such as patio or porch.

You need to place the lights where your guests will see them and there’s no better place in which to do this than your living room. Furthermore, placing the lights in the living room will offer you and your loved ones a chance to enjoy a daily Disney thrill since you are likely to spend a substantial amount of time in the living room.

In addition to the living room and the patio, you can also have Star Wars wall lights fitted on bedroom walls. They are especially ideal for boys’ bedrooms since boys generally love the adventure and combat that characterises most superhero sci-fi movies such as Star Wars.

Your boy will likely enjoy having a Star Wars wall light in his room and might also even yearn for a chance to show it off to friends.

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Star Wars wall lights ideas

If you wish to incorporate Star Wars wall lights into your decor, you should keep these three points in mind:

Go for the real thing

This simply means that you should go for the character as it appears on film or print. Buy lights which show a character in the same costume or form as on screen. This will help bring out a near true Star Wars experience as opposed to cases where you purchase lights with modified characters.

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Include major characters

When buying a set of Star Wars wall lights, make sure that major characters in the series are represented. Some of the most notable characters in the series include Darth Vader, Skywalker, and Boba Fetta among others.

Consider keenly major characters from previous series like Revenge of Sith and The Force Awakens and even the upcoming Rogue One then make sure to include them.


Keep it minimal

The secret to getting it right with Star Wars wall lights is to keep details as minimal as possible. This is because the wall lights in themselves already have a very strong presence given the loud and screaming nature of Star Wars characters.

If you add other striking details, the resulting effect can be quite overwhelming. You should for example only stick to simple LED lights instead of going for neon and other fancy lights.


Buy a Star Wars wall light

Would you like to have a Star Wars galaxy experience in your home? If yes, do not hesitate to buy a Star Wars wall light or even an entire set of these Disney inspired lighting decors.

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