White outdoor wall lights – 10 ways to give your patio a beautiful and sparkling luminance

Outdoor lighting is not just important for your home’s safety and security but also for its exterior appeal. Aside from landscaping, decorative wall finishing, and custom fencing, outdoor lighting is another way through which you can get to have an exquisite looking exterior. In regards to decorative exterior lighting, white outdoor wall lights come second to none in helping give your patio a beautiful and sparkling luminance. You should definitely consider these kind of lights if you’re thinking of renovating your home.

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Reasons to choose white outdoor wall lights

White outdoor wall lights are not mere kinds of lighting with nothing to offer save for their fancy luminance, they offer much more than this. Here are five reasons why you should choose a white outdoor wall light over other outdoor lighting types:

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A white outdoor wall light is quite stylish and elegant looking. Purchasing a white outdoor wall lamp can be an effortless way of adding a modern touch to your exterior decor.

Added brilliance

White outdoor wall lights shine with more brilliance than other types of lighting. This is because the white color of the lamp serves as a light reflector. This in turn boosts the illuminative power of the lamp you have in place.


Going for a white outdoor wall light is an ideal way of achieving uniqueness in terms of your exterior lighting. Most people usually opt for black or aluminium lamps for their outdoor wall lighting. You are therefore likely to stand out from your neighbours if you have white outdoor wall lights.

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Compatibility with other exterior decor

White outdoor wall lights blend in well with other exterior decor. White is a neutral color that doesn’t produce any sharp contrast which may affect the appeal of the rest of your exterior decor. If you’re keen on style, you can even use white outdoor wall lights to help you achieve a white themed exterior decor.

Christmas decor

In addition to serving you on any other day, white outdoor wall lights can also serve as Christmas decors. You therefore will not need to spend much on your outdoor Christmas lighting when this season approaches. If you have some white lamps on your outdoor walls, all you may need to do is to just find some garlands and then carefully drape them around the lamps. This will offer a magical sight and also give you and your loved ones a feeling of Christmas.

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Choosing white outdoor wall lights

When going for white outdoor wall lights, you should take into consideration aspects such as design and make, shape, and illumination. In regards to design and make, you can choose modern styles or even classical styles if you would like to go back into time. You should also consider the type of material you want whether its glass, cast metal, ceramic, or acrylic among others. In terms of shape, there are a wide variety of shapes to choose from. You can go for squared lamps or even the Chinese type of spherical lamps. One shape of wall lamp that is currently in vogue is the cylindrical lamp, you can give this a try. Concerning the type of illumination, LED is always the best kind of outdoor wall light to go for. It is brilliant and altogether elegant looking.

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Go for white outdoor wall light

Do you wish for an outdoor wall light that will not only illuminate your home but also add to its beauty and appeal? If yes, you should consider going for white outdoor wall light fixtures. These are very ideal for lighting and decorating your yard and patio.







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