Modern crystal ceiling lights – 18 methods to get your bedrooms and dining rooms a sparking reflection

To get your bedrooms and dining rooms a sparking reflection, modern crystal ceiling lights with a fine cut finishing of gold, silver and dazzling crystals are now available in the market.

It is not only the ball rooms and party halls that are going to add up elegance and glow to their interiors, but also the home decors where these lights are gaining great popularity.

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Design varieties

They are available in plenty of designs and they give a stunning look to the rooms when they are beautified with their matching frames. Square shaped modern crystal lights with a chrome finish and great design is perfectly fit, to add sparkles to a simple dining hall.

To illuminate rooms with a wider area, you can go for the hanging ones with an Empire gold, crown shaped modern crystal ceiling lights, that come with a golden finish and an art of finest craftsmanship.

To get more of a luxury and accent to your decors, you can choose ones that have rectangular crystal glass elements, accompanied with a chrome finish. Also, crystal LED ceilings with blue superior lamps inside them, can be a choice, if you decide to host a night party at your residence.

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Try something special

Some other designs that are eye catching are the ones that make an authentic antique, with a mocha finish frame, accompanied with the combination of metal construction with the crystals.

If you plan to get some unique crystal ceiling lights, then you can try the ones with a European design, that emits light bursts using six halogen bulbs, and contain chunky bars of radiating crystals, shaped in the form of a star.

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Double drummed ceiling lights, that are composed of an organza shaded outer drum and a crystal beaded inner drum, are a form modern crystal ceiling lights, that would fit the bedrooms perfectly.

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These lights are to be treated with intensive care, as the crystals are easily prone to breakage.

They usually include three to four halogen bulbs to sparkle their illuminations, and are available in a variety of sizes, that match with your room size. Grab yourselves one, to give your homes a stunning look.

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