Lava lamp table – 16 creative ways of beautifying your room

Lava lamps table are a creative way of beautifying your room, which will send your guests asking you questions when they come to visit. One thing that is so fascinating about them is their multiple colors that illuminate your room.

That, coupled with the enthralling motion of the lava fluid is a charm for your table and forms a decorative accessory that makes it an end to itself giving it a special aesthetic appeal.

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Traditional designs

A typical traditional table lava lamp comes with a sophisticated design consisting a slender column made of glass with a white shade held in place by a silver base but over time, people have come up with creative ways to make it even more attractive.

The slender column is filled with a special type of colored wax that is heated up and illuminates the lava while in motion, with three light setting options that allow you to select that which you consider most desirable.

A lava lamp is ideal as a sleep or table lamp since its considerably small dimensions allow it to fit perfectly at a strategic position where it gets to spread it’s charm throughout the room.

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It comes in diverse styles

Accent motion, creative motion and glitter lamp which gives you a wide range of ideas on how to decorate your house. What’s even better, is the fact that it does not emit toxic gases making it safe for indoor use.

On your next shopping adventure don’t mind ending up broke for buying a cute table lava lamp, look on the brighter side of it, quite literally. You’ll really love the way that lava lamp looks on your table, and maybe even get tempted to get that other one you consider a tad too expensive bur apparently, you’re not impulsive and don’t want to spend off your budget.

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Bring that paradise home and give your family a magical experience they will cherish every new day.

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