Neon lamps – 16 benefits above standart lights

Neon lamps contains neon gas at a low pressure and is filled in a glass capsule. Neon lamps were developed in 1917 by Daniel Moore. Neon lamps, mainly produce distinctive orange color, however other colors can be obtained using different phosphors coat on the glass capsule.

Colors other than orange can be obtained from neon lamps by using different phosphors for coating the glass tube.

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How Neon Lamps Work

Neon lamp is composed of a discharge tube filled with neon gas 95.5% and argon gas 0.5%. The tube is then connected to electrodes on both sides. The discharge tube is used to maintain a low atmospheric pressure as gases are not good conductors of electricity.

Once electric current passes through the electrodes, the gas starts to glow. Neon lamps emit an orange glow.

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Uses of Neon lamps


Neon lamps are used in various applications as listed below:


  1. In electronic equipment in LEDs, LCDs and in vacuum fluorescent displays.
  2. In logic circuits and binary memories.
  3. In sign boards.
  4. In microwave detectors.

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Benefits of Neon lamps

Neon lamps have a wide range of benefits. This makes them to be used for various purposes such as decoration and business promotion. They are also used in homes to offer stylish lights, in advertisements etc. There are several reasons as to why this neon lamps are immensely popular as discussed below:

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Neon lamps have a high appeal

Neon lamps have the right appeal to attract people. Businesses using these lights for promotion purposes are able to convey their messages with a lot of ease.

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Are to Customize

Neon lamps are easy to customize. You can use various symbols, shapes, letters, symbols and numbers. This makes them easy to be used in a quite a number of purposes.


Neon has Clear Visibility Neon being very visible even from a distance

This is because they are bright and colorful. This makes it easy to grab the attention of the intended audience even from a far distance.


Neon are of Low Cost

Neon lights are cheaper than other light-based advertising mediums. They are also easy to maintain and use.


Less Power Consumption Neon lamps consume less power than other traditional lights

This makes neon lamps more useful for small business promotions.


Environment Friendly

Neon lights are very friendly environment wise. This is because they do not emit radiations that may pollute or harm the environment. This makes them usable in public and market places.








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