15 Amazing Giant lava lamps

A lava lamp is as a novelty décor element. This lamp was invented back in 1963 by Edward Craven Walker, the British accountant. The lava lamp itself is a lump of a colored wax mixture inside a glass bulb. When the lamp is being turned on, wax melts and rises through the liquid. Lava lamps are designed in a plenty of colors and styles.

The bigger – the better!

If you are looking for a giant lava lamp, you can have it. It is not a problem. These lamps come in different sizes. Any lamps that are more than 15 inches are considered giant lava lamps.

It is important to remember that giant lava lamps bring more issues. For a bigger lamp it takes more time to heat up and flow. Sometimes it can take a few of hours to appear in all the glory.

Once you decide on purchasing a lava lamp, you will definitely want more over time. One day you may find yourself wanting to buy a new giant floor lava lamp!

Big size – big quality!

Just like other products, lava lamps come with the different levels of quality. They are not the same. Depending on chemical composition, its performance differs.

Watching a giant floor lava lamp quickly becomes a habit. Some people don’t want to miss what is happening with their lava lamps. You have to make sure that watching a lava lamp hasn’t become addictive.

Giant lava lamps indeed look awesome! They add a glow of color to any home. You can easily find these products online or in special stores.

Always keep in mind that giant lava lamps become really hot when turned on. It means they give off some heat. Depending on the size, the radiant surface can be quite serious. When you are thinking about the right place for your giant lava lamp, consider these facts.

giant lava lamps photo - 5

#1 Bullet Style Lava Lamp

There’s a vast variety of lava lamps that are available for purchase. All of them are of different colors and shapes. Here are the models which look like bullets of a gun. They come in plastic bodies of two colors – black and silver. The lava is offered in a greater abundance of colors. The most marvelous thing about them is the ability to regulate the speed of the lava movement from slow to rather fast.

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giant lava lamps photo - 6

#2 Liquid Diamonds

This giant lava lamp belongs to the series of waved lava lamps due to the peculiarity of the shape. The moment you will switch on the item, the bubbles will come alive and start moving mesmerizingly sparkling like liquid diamonds. After the day of hard work such an item will become an excellent relaxation tool to release the mind of daily routine thoughts.

giant lava lamps photo - 9#3 Pillar of Fire in the Room

Many children are afraid of dark and lava lamp is a means of dealing with that fear. Lava lamps seem to attract attention of children of various age. They like observing the mesmerizing dance of the bulbs and become rather relaxed and sleepy. This 2 meter tall lava lamp would be an excellent thing that will offer aid in coping with darkness fear. The child will look at red colored light that will decrease the tension of eye balls and make the kid sleepy.


#4 Father and Son

A good present is always a present that will bring plenty of positive emotions. Here’s a good idea for presenting on some special occasion. This is a set of two lava lamps one is a miniature 20 cm lamp while another one is a real giant of 1m tall. The lamp is designed in attractive metal style that will look awesome in modern interiors of any type.


#5 Something Really Big

This is a man height lava lamp and it looks really incredible. It’s hard to imagine one in somebody’s room, but it will definitely create a peculiar atmosphere in your dwelling. The lava lamps are known for an awesome capability to generate a special meditative mood in the premise. With this friendly giant you will be capable to release the flow of your thoughts and just relax.


#6 A Show in the Shop

The lava lamps are stylish decorations for shop of various types. They are capable of transforming the premise where they will be placed. The items are presented in a shape of giant slim shaped pillars. They can work in two modes. One mode is with the light off when you can see lava moving within the body like some miraculous beings. When the time is right, you can turn on the light and immediately it will transform into something totally different and magical.

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#7 Space Show Lava Lamps

It is possible to watch the movement of lava in the lamps eternally. It’s a very relaxing and meditative item that has never lost the popularity. These giant lamps are for really huge premises with tall ceilings. If placed in the office, it will be an awesome item that will help the workers to have a moment of serenity and calmness even during the busiest day.


#8 Lava Lamps of Various Hues

Decorating a workplace, a bedroom or guest room with a lava lamp is an excellent idea. You can pick the most appropriate color that will match the interior of yours. Here you can see standard bullet shaped lava lamps that carry no destruction but peace and calmness. The model can be operable through the standard plug or even through the USB cable.


#9 Watch and Meditate

This classical shaped lava lamp is 27 inches tall and would be a fine decoration of your room. The dancing of the blobs in the dark is especially miraculous and attractive. If you are suffering from exhaustion and need some means of relaxing and releasing the tension, get this stainless steel lamp. The metallic design in which the lamp was performed is an excellent modern solution.


#10 Pillars of Lava

That lava that is moving inside the glass cylinders is really something amazing. Such a construction would be a fine addition for some gym, canteen or fashion room. The red color is not a single option for you to choose. There is a great number of other colors that would be matching the design of the premise which requires a hot touch of lava.


#11 Alien Lamp Set

The lava lamps were inspired by the dream of humanity to meet some extraterrestrial life. In fact, there is something alien in these lamps and it’s really hard to ignore this fact. Here are the models of various length and size which are equipped with glamorous lava that sparkles like liquid diamonds. You will be capable to watch the magical scenery for hours.

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#12 Big Lava Blob Lamps

These lava lamps introduce us the models with giant blobs that are really eye catching, almost hypnotizing. Here are the bodies of various size and style so that any person was able to find something that will look best in one’s interior. The samples on the picture have got a single common thing – they show large lava blobs which look especially beautiful in elegant bodies of steel color.


#13 A Room with a Futuristic Design

The lava lamps are awesome designer solutions for transforming of the room into something amazing and attractive. You can turn the simplest room into the cabin of a spaceship by placing several lava systems into it. Such a manner of decoration can be seen in various cosmos themed cafes which were decorated with space crafts, alien images etc.


#14 The Missiles are Ready

The giant lava lamps in the shape of rockets are often seen at various exhibitions. The models bellow are quite tall and they look really amazing and futuristic. There are the same models that have got a large size but can still be placed within a room with high ceilings. So if you are passionate about lava lamps, these models will find a place in your dwelling.


#15 In a Room of a Fantasy Lover

The fans of Game of Thrones series would definitely enjoy such lamps. It seems as if they were made of liquid dragon flame that is capable to withstand evil. Another name of the story is the Song of Ice and Fire, so the ice colored blue lamp is also presented here. Such amazing decorations of the room will be greatly appreciated by the fans of Tolkien.


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