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George nelson lamps are well known for their light assortment presenting a luminescence from silhouettes which are spherical in design. The design of the lamps with a bubble bulge present an amazing luminosity of the room and a softness of touch where it is lighting.

George Nelson champion in the design of the Bubble lamps

When put in a room the lamps present not only the expected luminosity but also present an elegant fixture that adds fashion to the room.

Resting on a delicate, and lightweight steel frames, the bulbs present the most amazing floating bubble lamps and are designed to be fixed at various positions in the house be it on the table, hang on a ceiling, place on the floor or designed for wall mounting.


Having been inspired by the George nelson lamp that was hanging and covered in a set of silk, he decided to come up with the bubble lamps after he found out that their prices were exaggerated and yet he wanted to acquire one for his office.

Using only a clear plastic spray, Nelson proved his ingenuity by designing the first bubble lamp. Nelson went a step further a used the elemental and organic shapes in his designs making several variations like the Apple Bubble Pendant, Lotus table, Saucer Pendant and Pear Wall Sconce lamps.


George nelson lamps design was later produced on a large scale by Howard Miller. The Nelson bubble lamps are famously recognized worldwide with its ability to reissue the natural white light to the room.

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Unlike some light with different color matches, these lamps are a true testimony to an excellent lighting system. And because of their other cover the light, the Nelson bubble lamps do protect the harmful light from reaching to our eyes.

This has been the case especially with light-sensitive people, using Nelson bubble light has been their best option.

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