Maitland smith monkey lamp – Monkey Lighting For You

Maitland smith monkey lamp brings in a sense of uniqueness in the room. The creators can be congratulated on its design. You get a monkey, holding an umbrella for a lamp.

The sense of creativity in the design is beyond reach.

Size and Design

Maitland smith monkey lamp is quite small but this time round, size does not matter since the light from the lamp creates a specific desired ambiance in the room. Its portability means you can be able to have it literally anywhere conducive including table-tops, on the shelf, next to your bedside, etc.

You can thus be able to have its dim golden light in any room you desire. The lamps can also provide beauty lighting when placed outside the house.

Motivation of the Creators

On first sight, the lamp incorporates nature and its interaction to our day to day life. For example, your monkey can be holding a book, a feather, an umbrella etc.

Even though the monkey may not look that cute, the creators have been able to bring the outdoors in while sustaining the allegiance and beauty. The maitland smith monkey lamp improves your room and offers variety when it comes to the desired theme.

maitland smith monkey lamp photo - 1
maitland smith monkey lamp photo - 4
maitland smith monkey lamp photo - 8

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