Murano glass ceiling light – the world finest glass ceiling lightning!

Form leather boots to racing bicycles, the Italians are known for designing and manufacturing some of the world’s finest wares. Glass lighting fixtures are no exception, and what are arguably the world’s finest glass ceiling lights are made on the small Italian island of Murano.

Murano glass ceiling light is hand crafted by the glass makers whom live on the Venetian port island of Murano, and have with held a glass making tradition and technique that dates back to 8th century Rome. In fact, the Murano glass makers were so revered by the Roman elites that at one point they were actually immune from criminal prosecution.

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Why Is Murano Glass So Special?


Murano glass ceiling light makers have pioneered many of the most refined and specialized glass making techniques that still bear their Italian names. These include ‘smalto’ (enamelled glass), ‘aventurine’ (glass embedded with threaded gold and gold leaf), ‘millefiori’ (multicolored glass) and many others.

The Murano glass makers are also fine metal smiths who make detailed metal frame work. The delicate hand painting of these metal structures is also painstakingly done and exquisite. Simply put, Murano glass is made by some of the finest craftsmen in the entire world.

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Murano Glass Ceiling Lights

Murano glass is used to make everything from wine stoppers, fake gem stones, and figurines, but the most attention grabbing items made from Murano glass are the chandeliers and lighting fixtures. Whether it’s an intricate hanging chandelier with multiple pendants or spindles , or a singular dome glass domed enclosure, a murano glass ceiling light is highly adaptable to any type of room. No matter what the materials or the dimensions of a space are, a Murano ceiling light always emits elegant light that fills the space uniformly.

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Each Murano ceiling light is unique, given that they are blown by hand by the world renowned crystal glass artisans. From modern designs to renaissance era ornaments, you know an authentic Murano ceiling light when you see it.

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