Solid brass lamps – 16 methods to suit your home with vintage and antique paints

If you are a vintage or antique lover, a solid brass lamp will suit you very well. Solid brass lamps were the order of the 17th through to the 19th century. Blacksmiths would design intriguing lamps from brass alloy which was available in abundance in those eras.

Solid brass lamps are made from solid pieces of pure brass metal or from flattened sheets of brass a hollow in their midst. Almost all the solid brass lamps which are sold in the market today are the ones salvaged from vintage home decor collections.

Brass is not as easy to come by nowadays like it was in the olden days and therefore most manufacturers only make brass plated lamps as to pure brass lamps.

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Why choose solid brass lamps?

Solid brass lamps are very classy. Because of their rarity and vintage nature, they are held in high regard. A solid brass lamp among your living room decors will most likely elicit the admiration and interest of your guests.

In addition, solid brass lamps are very durable. Brass in itself is a very sturdy material and add to this the fact that the lamps are made from a solid mass of brass, you can only imagine how strong and durable they really are.

On top of everything, solid brass lamps offer an advantage over other lamps in that they can be polished to a gloss anytime. You can always polish your lamp till it achieves a brilliant sheen. The same however cannot be done to a brass plated lamp since it has a protective lacquer over it to stop the brass coat from coming off.

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How to choose a solid brass lamp

When buying a solid brass lamp, you should take these two points into consideration:

The brass should be pure and not coated

A number of dealers nowadays trick buyers into buying a brass plated lamp in the name of a solid brass lamp. Because of this reason, you should take care to ensure that you are buying a pure solid brass lamp and not just a steel or tin lamp that is coated with a brass layer.

To differentiate between pure brass and a coated one, try sticking a magnet on the lamp. Pure brass does not attract a magnet whereas coated brass does. Aside from this, also try making a slight scratch on a hidden part of the lamp. Pure brass should ideally display a yellow color.

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It’s advisable to buy from antique shops

Antique shops have the best deals on and offer the best quality solid brass lamps. Avoid buying from supermarkets or any other sellers so as to get the best deal and quality.

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Buy a solid brass lamp

Would you like to have a lamp that adequately illuminates your room while also giving you a vintage feel? If yes then try and get yourself a solid brass lamp.

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