Light your home with the colorful Jigsaw puzzle lamp

Do you fancy elegance and complicated light systems? Jigsaw puzzle lamp is the option for you. Make your home have that choreographic look with these technical lamps.


And the beauty of these lamps is that you get to choose the combination of colors, you’re free to even have all the colors. Made from translucent jigsaw puzzle like plastics, are heat resistant and easy to use.

To bring that choreographic and theatre like scene in your home, you need to mix various colors and place them at strategic places.


You can have them on the ceiling, wall, table top or even in the kitchen. Or even better still, if you have a mess within your apartment you can place them there and have that experience as you sip your cup of beer or a tot. the beauty of the jigsaw puzzle lamps is that you can make them yourself or buy ready made from the shop.

jigsaw puzzle lamp photo - 1
jigsaw puzzle lamp photo - 5
jigsaw puzzle lamp photo - 7
jigsaw puzzle lamp photo - 8


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