Raining oil lamp – Retro chic makes a comeback

It has been quite some time now, that the old trends have been making a comeback. Similarly, certain kitschy and quirky trinkets are once again on the market. This time, it is the ‘raining oil lamp‘ from the 60’s-70’s.

Bring out the child in you

These lamps were quite a rage back in the day. One may have seen these as an old family collectable as well. These lamps were often termed as the ‘lava lamps for grown ups’.

What makes raining oil lamps unique?

These lamps combine a number of different elements into one. They consist of a sculpture or figurine in the centre, often of a Venetian style, which is surrounded by plastic foliage on all sides.

This centre piece is sealed in with thick metal lines, which have oil, usually mineral oil of any sort, flowing down from them slowly, so as to give it an effect of rain drops. The lines run between pagoda styled top and bottom shells. They top is fitted with a light, mostly illuminating a soft glow.

Where to use them?

These lamps are quite versatile. They can be hung from the ceiling, kept on a table as a centre piece or even kept on the floor. They are available in different sizes, so you can go as bold as you’d like.

Caring for raining oil lamps

One must ensure to change the oil of the lamp, as otherwise, it would lock up the motor.

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